2000 CTP Power Give Away till 29/06 Plus POB Vote


Financial Crimes are becoming rampant across the world. We all at #hive can create a significant awareness among the users across the world to help them prevent the financial crimes.

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Financial Crimes Challenge

To promote the awareness about the #financialcrimes, I am hosting this challenge under which I would be giving away 2000 CTP power to 4 contributors who create exceptional content on financial crimes.

  1. First Prize is 1000 CTP Power
  2. Second Prize is 500 CTP Power
  3. Third Prize is 300 CTP Power
  4. Fourth Prize is 200 CTP Power

What are the terms ?

In order to participate in this contest you will have to create the content around #financialcrimes around you and post it to the #financialcrimes community. You can also write on frauds, money laundering, terror funding or cyber crimes to be able to participate. Please ensure that you have not copied the content from any other source. Plagiarism is discouraged in this contest.

Subscribe to community

In order to post in this community please subscribe to the #financialcrimes community and make a post from peakd.com only. You can subscribe to this community here

Share it on twitter

Please share this contest post on twitter to make your post visible. You may feel free to add tags that you like.

Add following tags

When you are posting in the community, please add #proofofbrain, #ctp and #leofinance tags to the post. You may add any other tags that you feel are essential to promote your post and maximise your rewards.

Post the link in comments section

Once you write the content on financial crimes please post the link to your article and get a chance to win the POB vote worth upto 8 POB.


What is the word limit to participate in this contest? Can the moderators also participate in this contest ? What if I write the movie script in some community like #cinetv or others then will it be considered for this contest?

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Thanks for posing the questions.
There is no such word limit on writing the post. Any post should be atleast 300 words to participate in the challenge.
Moderators can also participate in the contest.
You can write movie script, poems, essays, stories, dialogues or any other format of the post. There is no limit. The condition is however to post in the community #financialcrimes. You are free to add whatever tags you want while posting in this community.

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