¨Amazing Nature Contest¨ 2021 - # 03 Art encouraging the care of nature

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I am back in ¨Amazing NatureCommunity¨: thanks to our friend @adalger who invites us every week to participate in this wonderful ¨Amazing Nature Contest¨ if you want to join, please check here:  before doing so conditions

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I live in a small town in ¨Argentina¨, ¨Corrientes¨, since its creation it has been related to nature; Its name ¨Corrientes¨ is in honor of the currents of the Paraná river, and the seven points of stones that stand out on the river's edges

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The people who live here love everything around us, we are proud of the nature of our city, we take care of it and make others take care of it; Many years ago a person had the great idea of making ¨murals¨ of ¨expression¨, recently artists from ¨Latin America¨ have created a series of ¨murals¨ so that people are aware of the problem of the ¨medium¨ ¨environment¨: 

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There is nothing more ¨expresive¨ than ¨murales¨ ¨public¨ when it comes to ¨concientización¨, the artists capture in their works, details of what nature suffers, encouraging us to change the way we live

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The positive side of what is happening is that the change is in our hands, everything that each of us can do, no matter how small, will be a great change, very important for the ¨conservation¨ of our ¨ environment¨ ¨environment¨

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I am very happy to have this ¨Nikon Coolpix B500¨ camera that allowed us to take these beautiful pictures; I hope that these murals motivate you to change the way you live, and begin to contribute to the care of our home.

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hello dear friends @pixresteemer good morning
what a beautiful way to start the day with your support
I appreciate it.
I take the opportunity to leave the whole team, a splendid day

Wow amazing photography sir thanks a lot for sharing and hood luck for the contest

hello dear friend @bhattg good day
I really appreciate your words, you are very kind, it makes me very happy to know that you liked my images
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You're very welcome :)

These are a great way to enrich the appearance of the city ^^ .. I saw a lot of paintings already that look really bad and unnecessary, but these here are nicely done and super beautiful, and so colorful ;)

how are you dear friend @adalger good night
This has been done in our city for more than ten years, it is in charge of an art teacher, so much so, that our city is called the city of murals
This is a movement of cultural expression, and it is used to make people aware, in this case, environmental problems and care for our environment
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid night and a happy rest

Beautiful murals... a quite extensive. I wonder how long it took to paint!
Have a lovely day, @jlufer!

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This is a Latin American meeting of artists, who contribute their art to encourage care for the environment.
I really appreciate your kind words and support that you provide to my post
have a wonderful night

Que lindos murales, son fotos muy lindas donde sé puede apreciar un ambiente saludable.

Los colores son muy intensos, tiene una buena cámara, feliz día y saludos @jlufer

@jlufer - What I need to say is I am really fall in love with your city. There are so many interesting in between, city, life, arts, greenery and nature. Thanks for sharing and all the best with loves. 😊


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how are you dear friend @andyjim good night
very happy to know that my city is to your liking, as I have told you at some point, it is a small city, which makes it easier to keep it that way
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid night


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