Some moments to spend in the afternoon in the middle of nature

Happy Sunday!

Hope everybody on this site also had a great day. Hope all of you are well and well in your current position even during the ongoing Corona virus epidemic. I'm fine too.

We are currently experiencing a rainy season here. But the amount of heat point in the sun has not decreased. As the sun rises in the morning, the temperature rises. Lately, I feel hot in the afternoon and my body is constantly sweating. So to get rid of this condition, I went out in the afternoon to spend some time in nature.



This is our rural road. But flowing through our village, there are no more houses on the side of the road from some distance. This road has flowed only through crop fields and fields. And the crop field have been submerged in the rain water. Of course, the best feeling when walking along the road is that there is a lot of natural air flowing here which cools the body and mind. The action of the day in a moment relieves fatigue.

This afternoon when I was walking alone on the road, one of my elder brothers called me and after a while he came and joined me. Then I sat on the sidewalk with him and chatted for a while and had a good time. Of course he came to talk about his #hive account because he had some problems while working to get his solution. Moreover, he talked about some other problems.



We sat and talked and nature slowly began to calm down. The birds began to return to their homes. I was sitting and chatting in this twilight of the world but there was no fatigue in my mind but it was a moment to feel good. The reason was that nature looked amazing then. Some red glow was still visible in the western sky. And in that light, the water on the crop field looked pretty good even though the environment was a bit dark at that time.



Then when it was getting dark all around, I got up and left for home. Then I said goodbye to my elder brother and went to my house. This afternoon was truly a lovely moment. Especially because of the natural air.

Why now when I am writing this post I am standing in the yard of the house but no air is flowing in the house. So the body is sweating. So I always try to take some time to walk in the middle of nature so that every natural breeze can bring relief.


You stayed out there quite long. Hope it was a relaxing day