Tree Tuesday Landscapes

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🎄Happy Tree Tuesday hosted by @old-guy-photos.🌳

I awoke this morning to a chilly fall day with many of the colorful leaves blown off the deciduous trees by the strong wind last night. It’s about time to post the autumn photos before the trees stand bare for winter.

Mother Nature is truly amazing and delights us with her many changes.

Photos I had taken of the pretty autumn scenes along the country roads with the long shadows of the trees lining the road.



An Amish couple driving with horse and buggy on the highway.


A beautiful time of year to walk along the Montague River with the changing colors reflecting in the water.


Looking across the Montague River from the walking trail.


Driving by the Catholic Church at Vernon River.


The crimson colored leaves stand out in the autumn landscapes.


Blue hour photos from the other morning.


These were taken from the back deck when I went outside to feed the birds and other little critters.


Location: Prince Edward Island, Canada

Thanks for stopping by my post and have a wonderful Tree Tuesday!


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Thanks so much @ninahaskin for the curate and lovely comments.❤️

You're very welcome, Jo!💫

View across the water with the warmth of Autumn dressing the trees not giving the full story of the cold breeze now arriving up North.

Stunning photography, nice to see horse drawn carriage almost a lost era of days gone before, reminder how far one has come, yet this is more eco-friendly not spilling out gas fumes on the road Jo.

Thank you Joan @joanstewart. I always like to see the Amish people with their traditional attire and driving the horse and buggy, although it would be difficult to drive everywhere in one with all the vehicle traffic.

Beautiful colors .... Autumn in full swing 🤗🍁
Beauty one 💞 @readheadpei 😊🍁

Thanks dear Suzana .❤️.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

You're welcome 🤗
Have a wonderful Sunday, too ☀️

I absolutely love these @redheadpei!! I'm originally from the south and recently moved to the northern part of the US and I can check off of the bucket list seeing the changing of the leaves. I'm wondering if I made a mistake because the cold reaches my bones but we had our first experience with real snow and I was like a child on Christmas morning at the sight of it! Lovely pictures!!

Your body will climatized to the colder season in winter but dress warm. I’m happy you love the photos. 😊

Beautiful shots Jo, I love the autumn colours in the trees and the atmosphere. We are getting hot and you are getting cold, how interesting is our world and the amazing nature we share it with. xx

Thanks Angie. 💞 It's nice to see how the difference places of the world have varying seasons. I'm always glad when the cold of winter is over and signs of spring are in the air.

I know what you mean, the smell and feel of spring is the best with flowers blooming. Nature is truly magical. Blessings🌸

Every visit to your blog is rewarding. These photos are wonderful. An Amish couple. Wow. Perfect.

Thanks so much dear AG @agmoore. 💞Your lovely comments mean a lot to me.

Autumn is a beautiful time bursting with color everywhere you look on PEI!

Lovely nature photographs! @redheadpei🍁

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Love the trees and the amazing colors of fall, thanks for sharing your photos.

Thanks @salexa5 for stopping by and your lovely comments. 😊

Fall is just just a beautiful colorful season i wish it could stay like that all year round 😁

I agree @kohsamui99. Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons.

Howdy redheadpei! What wonderful photos, I love these. We don't have any color changes in the trees in this part of Texas, they stay green all year round. Do you have many Amish up in PEI?

The changes in nature made by the different seasons are nice Cowboy. I don’t care too much for the cold of winter but it makes me appreciate the other three seasons.😀

I’m not sure how many Amish families are on PEI but I will guess about 25. The whole Island has only a population of 150,000 people.

Thanks for the lovely comments on the photos.😊

Howdy redheadpei and happy weekend to you and yours! The photos of the Amish in the winter time make me cold and shivery! I don't think they have very good heaters in those buggies. 25 you know if they all live in the same community like they do in the States?

Cowboy, I doubt if they have heaters in the buggies, just a heavy blanket. They seem to try to live close to each other in certain areas but families are in different parts of the Island and have their own farms.

I've always been fascinated by them. I know they have their issues and lots of people don't like the way they treat their women but they have many good aspects too and I think overall they are a great addition to a community, state or country. Most of them hate having their photos taken though. lol.

I don’t think they believe in taking their picture...sin of vanity I would guess. Although I know nothing of their religious beliefs.

Not much said about them in the community. You know how nice we Canadians are. 😆

I know one man is a good blacksmith and others have been hired for certain building jobs. They seem to be hard working and have a bakery and a store in one area.

Howdy redheadpei! How interesting. Yes, the Amish are extremely hard working. and many are hard drinking too. lol. They make their own beer and wine and man is it good! That store would probably be my favorite. We had one in Ohio because of a huge Amish community up there and it was our favorite grocery store.

Yes they are a hard working people. Their homes and farms always so well cared and neat looking.

I heard that about the Amish men liking their spirits. I hope the women get to have some too. 😀

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 30 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks Pix @pixresteemer and for the beer!

Autumn is such a beautiful and colorful season, Jo, I love this season most of all.
These crimson colored leaves and the photos of the trees under the dark clouds look great 😃

Cheers and !BEER

Good afternoon Hannes!😊

I have to agree Autumn is beautiful here and in your country too. I’m happy you liked the photos.

Have a great end to Wednesday dear Hannes,🤗☀️

It's always a pleasure to see colourful autumnal landscapes, you're most welcome dear Jo 🤗

Cheers and !BEER

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There is no doubt that fall is one of the most beautiful and colorful seasons and you have shown that beautifully 😊

Thanks @bigsambucca! Fall is one of the best seasons here but alas! winter is right around the corner.😄☃️⛷️

That's the part i don't like what follows after autumn 😰

Hello dear friend @redheadpei good afternoon
What a beautiful collection of images, how beautiful is the place where you live, I love the colorful trees, their red, yellow and carmensi leaves beautify the place.
Thank you very much for showing us these beautiful images
Have a warm night and a happy rest

You are most welcome @jlufer. Thanks always for your lovely comments on the images of Autumn.

Have a wonderful day my friend.☀️

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