Persephone Pants 2.0

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I'm not sure if you saw my last post, but if you did, you maybe saw my striped pants. They are my second persephone pants but first pair made of denim.

(pattern by Anna Allenanalog photography by Franziska Liehl)

To be honest I follow this patten for weeeeeks till I finally bought it - and it took me at least the same amount of time to finally do it. I never made proper pants so I kinda had a lot of respect before I started. Turned out - they are so much fun to sew - until now I already made 3 pairs in the last 1,5 months.(Ooooooops)

(pattern by Anna Allenanalog photography by Franziska Liehl)




Very nice shots! and Welcome on Hive!!
!discovery 25

thank you so much!!

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thank you very much ♥️