Frantic Knitting Week

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My etsy sales have picked up and I found one of my items suddenly sold out. Before Thanksgiving! So I am knitting every spare moment. I also enlisted one of my daughters to begin a sample for a loom knitting pattern I am creating, thus freeing up time for me to knit for my shop.

I also had to practice some cables this week to help a customer. She had several designs she liked for a baby item and I sort of combined the concepts into this easy cable pattern:


When I get some down time, I want to rework this cable using mock cable stitches so I can eliminate the cable needle.

I also have a list of items I have promised to make for family:

  1. Long lace infinity scarf for sister Robin--DONE!
  2. Pocket shawl for sister Lorie--have all I need, just need to start crocheting
  3. Griffyndor scarf for nephew--in progress
  4. Sweater started for daughter last year--in closet, to my shame, along with a quilt that needs binding and...
  5. OK, this is getting embarassing.....

We needleworkers will always have more great ideas than time to make them. But it is pure joy most of the time, right?


Oh cables... they are still on my to learn list... sigh ( I forgot to count how often I have written this) But i fear this have to wait till after the exhibition.
YOur list is really big and I am in awe that you are so prolific. Your family can be very glad to have such a wonderful crafter <3

Indeed! So mny projects, so mny ideas, so little time!
But we always push through. One way or another, we finish all our WIPs. Hehe

I hope to live to finish them all--but it might take me till I am 100.

Yes, that's true our time is not enough as in, that's why most of the time spent on ideas ahehehe.

long list to make, i know you can do it @fiberfrau

@mariannewest was just posting about knitting, too! Like I told her, I am still new to knitting and am content to stick to dishcloths for now.

I still do lots of dishcloths. Can never have too many!

Nice Designs.

Thank you!