landscape study

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The use of different colors creates fun inside the painting.
Here I use two types of colors.
(1)Warm colour
(2)cool colour
Through which a perspective has been created inside the image.The use of yellow and orange is more common here.
Because desert areas are usually warmer.
I used purple in the landscape background.
Purple is generally known as a cool color.
‌That has created a perspective inside the picture.The use of yellow on the front side is more because it helps to understand in terms of color.

‌I'm trying to study some new landscapes.These works are a part of them

software:ps and clip studioe paint
size : 1900x2200
you can find me on others sites


It's an interesting study. Years ago I studied different lanscape using watercolors, but I have to try to paint them in a digital way ^_^

l was recently started digital.Before that I used to work in traditional media.but now l am feel the different between traditional and digital.
you should try it.

and thank you 😊😊

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Partho, I recently seen an exhibition by David Hockney, who is a towering figure in British and world art scene. Recently, he is only doing digital painting on iPad. Please have a look, as it may interest you.

I was first watching his work on 40 issues of turni.He uses his iPad to do his work, but it looks like an oil painting.What I liked most was the use of random brush strokes and Use of bright colors. This type of digital work is rarely seen dada.

Yes, I took picture straight from the exhibition. You may want to read about his life and how he evolve to be who he is now. He is 83 years old I think!

Allready read something about him.
he has contributor to the pop art.I saw some of his video art.
And I'll try to find out more about him.
thanks dada To introduce him.