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RE: This Is Awesome - Weekly Payouts To Delegators #105

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Can I ask...I might be gone during the summer, for a month. Is there a possibility to delegate both alive and ctp to one of your accounts? I might need to unstake them before that or delegate what I still have unstaked.

I am sorry for being so fuzzy...
I've also changed some HBD through ecency and lost more than I would have done it on the today I feel numb and


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Hi there Alina, so delegations are only made with staked tokens, not liquid, and you are free to delegate any tokens you want, just note that only Hive Power delegations are earning any rewards though, and do get some rest too, I know I need it too but you are super busy, stay awesome.

Thank you for telling me. I will keep this in mind for the delegations.

Yes, I am going to sleep soon, I am super tired!


PS - I have directed a hard-working guy to wearealive and to you today. I hope he will come by soon.

Great to hear, and stay awesome.

Thank you. I try to shine more than a summer sun sometimes Hihi!