Awesome Daily Curation - Spotlight - Highlights - CTPtalk - 2020vision - IAmAliveChallenge - May 10 2020

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This is the Awesome Daily Curation of May 10 2020, from @thisisawesome.

Awesome Daily Spotlight

The Awesome Daily Spotlight is the upvoting (100%), reblogging and cross posting to our Hive Community of 1 awesome post per day that gets promoted on Twitter, and featured in the Awesome Weekly Spotlight that is posted on Mondays.

The Awesome Daily Spotlight can be a DTube or 3speak video, a great article, amazing art, or anything that has that bit of extra awesome quality.

This Is Todays Awesome Daily Spotlight

Screenshot from PeakD

Shared On Twitter

Screenshot from Twitter

Do check it out, it's awesome.

Awesome Daily Highlights

The Awesome Daily Highlights is upvoting (100% upvote each) of 5 additional posts of awesome quality, and they come from 5 different categories that support mainly new Bee's.

  • An awesome CTPtalk post, in support of this tribe on from @jongolson, and we also have a large amount of CTP tokens to vote with, and @ph1102 is our moderator for this post.

  • An awesome #2020vision post, in support of this project run by @pixiepost, and the goals are to promote health, Actifit and the Hive Blockchain, or an awesome #IAmAliveChallenge post a challenge from @flaxz, and @russellstockley is our moderator for this post.

  • An awesome Actifit report, in support of the @actifit dApp, stay healthy every day.

  • We usually have an awesome Cleanplanet report here, in support of the very important @cleanplanet project, but there are no posts currently since everyone is in quarantine, so we will include an awesome Photography post here for the time being.

  • An awesome Freewrite story, in support of the @freewritehouse project from @mariannewest.

This Is Todays Awesome Daily Highlights Per Category


Screenshot from CTPtalk

2020vision & IAmAliveChallenge

Screenshot from PeakD


Screenshot from PeakD


Screenshot from PeakD


Screenshot from PeakD

Awesome CTPtalk Curation

The Awesome CTPtalk Curation is additional upvotes on Awesome Content in the CTPtalk tribe with 3 upvotes of 65% each for a total of 195% of our Voting Power, and it's been moderated by @ph1102.

@jongolsonIMG_20200510_234720.jpg What Drives Mainstream Social Media?65%
@bizventuresIMG_20200510_234744.jpg Start by Reaching Out to Your Best Customers Via Email 65%
@xyzashuIMG_20200510_234808.jpg Mother's Day love from Hive to her mother Steem ..and sibling Blurt65%

Screenshots from CTPtalk

Awesome 2020vision & IAmAliveChallenge Curation

The Awesome 2020vision & IAmAliveChallenge Curation is additional upvotes on Awesome Content made by #2020vision & #IAmAliveChallenge participants with 3 upvotes of 65% each for a total of 195% of our Voting Power, and it's been moderated by @russellstockley.

@bienIMG_20200510_234831.jpgI Am Alive Day 06 - Having great and busy day.65%
@bradleyarrowIMG_20200510_234854.jpg Marketing & I Am Alive Challenge update65%
@rem-steemIMG_20200510_234917.jpg I'm Alive but not sure what will happen in future!65%

Screenshots from PeakD

Delegators And Hive Power - Plus Voting And Curation

This is our current delegations and Hive Power.

@cryptospa506 HP
@alokkumar121654 HP
@flaxz553 HP
@fiberfrau100 HP
@certain226 HP
@reeta0119453 HP
@pjansen430 HP
@jongolson2013 HP
@paulcaraway100 HP
@kaelci250 HP
@elianaicgomes100 HP
@jeanlucsr100 HP
@paragism100 HP
Leased HP Paid By @flaxz502 HP
Leased HP Paid By @thisisawesome1309 HP
Total7396 HP

Our total Hive Power, including all delegations and our own HP, is now 7578 HP.

This is our daily voting and curation.

CategoryDaily Upvotes
Awesome Daily Spotlight100%
Awesome Daily Highlights500%
Awesome CTP Curation195%
Awesome 2020vision Curation195%

(1000% = 10x100% votes)

For a full breakdown of all these calculations check this spreadsheet in Google Drive, it will be continuously updated as delegations are changing, and that is done manually once per day.

Hive Power delegators are rewarded with weekly payouts in Hive, Steem and CTP tokens every Monday, and you can read all details on how this is done in this post, Update About Our Move To Hive - Curation - Delegations - Payouts, and our latest payouts in our Awesome Weekly Spotlight.

Delegate to this project using PeakD, login and go to your wallet.

Team Awesome

IMG_20191218_190511200x200.jpg@flaxzAdmin/Curator 🐈 20200128_200338_0000.png
IMG_20200127_183215200x200.jpg@ph1102Moderator CTP 🦄 20200121_204645_0000.png
Edited Version of my Photo200x200.jpeg@pixiepostModerator 2020Vision 🧚 (On vacation) 20200107_182120_0000.png
IMG_20200304_191107_copy_200x200.jpg@russellstockleyModerator 2020Vision 🦒 20200229_202417_0000.png

Thank You!

Thank you very much for reading this report and for supporting this project, the goals are to "highlight Awesome Content on the Hive blockchain, and to grow the Hive ecosystem by rewarding it".

Stay Awesome!

This Is Awesome

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