Awesome Weekly Spotlight #57 - Plus Payouts To Delegators

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This Is Awesome

Welcome to Awesome Weekly Spotlight #57, and it will feature the Awesome Daily Spotlight posts of the past week.

Awesome Weekly Spotlight Week 22

So let's start, and they will be presented in the order of Monday to Sunday, depending on the day they got the Awesome Daily Spotlight.

Monday: 3 years on the blockchain !

  • In this video @clixmoney shares his 3 years celebration on the blockchain, a big congratulations to him, just awesome.

Screenshot from PeakD

Tuesday: Problems in Life Makes us strong to deal with situations

  • In this video @alokkumar121 talks about how overcoming the problems we face in life makes us stronger and helps us move forward, check it out it's awesome.

Screenshot from PeakD

Wednesday: 901 Days Later....Orca Level Reached!

  • In this post @jongolson shares that he just reached the level of Orca on Hive, a big congratulatons to him, just awesome.

Screenshot from PeakD

Thursday: Opportunity - I'm always Sincere about It

  • In this video @hafizullah talks about the importance to take advantage of the opportunities we are given in life and not waste them, it's awesome check it out.

Screenshot from PeakD

Friday: IAAC Day 55 - The End of a Chapter and Starting a New One - powered by flaxz

  • In this video @elianaicgomes says goodbye to the #IAmAliveChallenge after consistently doing it for 55 days, and we wish her the best of luck on her journey ahead, just awesome.

Screenshot from PeakD

Saturday: 🎥 Cryptocurrency Market Overview | 30.05.2020

  • This video was made by @cryptospa and it's his Cryptocurrency Market Overview, and here he talks about the adoption of crypto in different parts of the world, and also about possible competition from digital currencies released by central banks, check it out it's awesome.

Screenshot from PeakD

Sunday: I am alive 21 Happy to share beautiful moments with my loved ones

  • In this video @jlufer talks about his fears and hopes for his son who just turned 19 years old, a big congratulations to him, just awesome.

Screenshot from PeakD

Thank You!

So these where the Awesome Daily Spotlight posts and videos this week, and there is 1 such post or video per day, it gets a 100% upvote and reblog, plus a Cross Post to our Hive Community, and it is featured in the Awesome Daily Curation report as well as in this Awesome Weekly Spotlight post, plus it also gets promoted on Twitter.

Thank you very much for reading this post and for supporting this project, it is run by @flaxz, and @ph1102 is our moderator for CTPtalk, @russellstockley is our moderator for #IAmAliveChallenge, and @pixiepost is our stand in moderator, and the goal is to "highlight Awesome Content, and growing the Hive ecosystem by rewarding it".

Payouts To Delegators

In order to attract delegators to this project we reward them with weekly payouts in Hive, Steem and CTP tokens according to average weekly Hive Power delegation, and you can read all details in this post, Update About Our Move To Hive - Curation - Delegations - Payouts.

This Is The Payouts For This Weeks Delegations

You can read the full details of the calculations for the payout in this spreadsheet on Google Drive.

Screenshot from Google Drive

NameAverage Delegation HPHive PayoutSteem PayoutCTP Payout


Screenshots from PeakD


Screenshots from Steempeak

Screenshot from Hive-engine


Delegate to this project using PeakD, login and open your wallet, you find it in the Hive Power section.

Our Tokens

We also have tokens in Hive-engine, and our general policy regarding tokens is that we stake all tokens that we get, given that they are stakeable and if not they will be staked once that is available, the exception is CTP tokens since we give out 50% of those earnings to our delegators, but we do stake the other 50%.

Note: We have started to sell remaining tokens on Steem-engine, our full focus is on Hive-engine now, and what we sell gets exchanged for Hivep and withdrawn to our Hive wallet.

These are our current token holdings in Hive-engine.

Screenshot from Hive-engine

Screenshot from Hive-engine

These screenshots where taken before and after payouts and staking of CTP tokens, and our stake in CTP has now grown to 26119.

HP Leasing

We use 70% of our weekly power down income in Hive to lease Hive Power on, and here you can see this weeks power down income and what we leased.

Screenshot from BeeMe

Screenshot from PeakD

Final Thoughts

So this week we did not have any new delegations.

Earnings of Hive was at normal levels, and we now got our first Steem power down from the faster power down which we are now on, and earnings in CTP was a bit lower, most likely due to more posts in the tribe.

We continue to work towards our goal of growing the Hive ecosytem by rewarding Awesome Content, and a big thanks to all our delegators for your awesome support, these where all thoughts for this week, and ...

Stay Awesome!

This Is Awesome

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