Awesome Weekly Spotlight #85 - Plus Payouts To Delegators

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This Is Awesome

Welcome to Awesome Weekly Spotlight #85, and it will feature the Awesome Daily Spotlight posts of the past week.

Awesome Weekly Spotlight Week 50

So let's start, and they will be presented in the order of Monday to Sunday, depending on the day they got the Awesome Daily Spotlight.

Monday: Invest In Yourself, Your Business and Your Future

  • In this video @maddogmike talks about investing in yourself so that you can become the best version of YOU, and be able to build your business and future, check it out it's awesome.

Screenshot from PeakD

Tuesday: It's Crypto Mondays - With Special Guest Taskmaster4450

  • This video is a recording of a liveshow by @jongolson and @blainjones and they had a very special guest on the show, @taskmaster4450, and it is just fantastic to hear all the great ideas and advice that he gives, plus he also shares a bit about his background, it's awesome check it out.

Screenshot from PeakD

Wednesday: Pixie Dust Gaming | Stomping Mode - Ooozer Proves He Really Is A Loser!

  • In this video @pixiepost plays Splinterlands, and it is just fantastic to see what happens when a Pixie has to play without magic, check it out it's awesome.

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Thursday: 🎥 Cryptocurrency Market Overview | 10.12.2020

  • In this video @cryptospa makes a very interesting analysis of Hive and it's fundamentals, it's awesome check it out.

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Friday: IAAC 248 - Taking time to read and comment on quality posts what

  • In this video @bradleyarrow talks about how he has increased his engagement and quality of it, check it out it's awesome.

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Saturday: Ramblings Of A Procrastinator || What To Do About It 💪

  • In this post @tanjakolader writes about her problems with procrastination and what she do to overcome it, it's awesome check it out.

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  • In this post @mjlipsey3018 writes about the importance of patience and to not expect immediate results, but to keep on working on your business and let the results accumulate, check it out it's awesome.

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Thank You!

So these where the Awesome Daily Spotlight posts and videos this week, and there is 1 such post or video per day, it gets a 100% upvote and reblog, plus a Cross Post to our Hive Community, and it is featured in the Awesome Daily Curation report as well as in this Awesome Weekly Spotlight post, plus it also gets promoted on Twitter.

Thank you very much for reading this post and for supporting this project, it is run by @flaxz, and @russellstockley is our moderator for #IAmAliveChallenge, @alokkumar121 is our moderator for Actifit, @iamraincrystal is our moderator for #freewrite, and @pixiepost is our comment moderator, and the goal is to "highlight Awesome Content, and growing the Hive ecosystem by rewarding it".

Payouts To Delegators

In order to attract delegators to this project we reward them with weekly payouts in Hive and CTP tokens according to average weekly Hive Power delegation.

Delegators are rewarded with all liquid earnings in Hive, as well as our full weekly power down income, plus also 50% of our earnings in CTP tokens.

This Is The Payouts For This Weeks Delegations

You can read the full details of the calculations for the payout in this spreadsheet on Google Drive.

Screenshot from Google Drive


Delegate to this project using PeakD, login and open your wallet, you find it in the Hive Power section.

Delegation APR

This is a calculation of the delegation APR for this week, to make it easy to calculate, the delegation and payout for @flaxz is not part of the calculation, since he does not get a payout in CTP tokens.

Screenshot from Google Drive

You can view the full calculation in the same spreadsheet as the payouts.

Our Tokens

We also have tokens in Hive-engine, and our general policy regarding tokens is that we stake all tokens that we get, given that they are stakeable and if not they will be staked once that is available.

The exception is CTP tokens since we give out 50% of those earnings to our delegators, but we do stake the other 50%, and our stake in CTP has now grown to 33839.

Final Thoughts

So this week @pjansen increased his delegation to 1680 HP, @quinnertronics increased their delegation to 25 HP, and @iamraincrystal delegated 250 HP, thank you all very much.

APR for this week was 18.91%, this was quite a bit higher than last week, our earnings in Hive and CTP tokens was a bit lower, while the price of CTP was much higher, and we also had less HP to reward due to an undelegation.

We continue to work towards our goal of growing the Hive ecosytem by rewarding Awesome Content, and a big thanks to all our delegators for your awesome support, these where all thoughts for this week, and ...

Stay Awesome!

This Is Awesome

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