¨LoveTheCloudsContest¨ # 104 The Beautiful Cloud Formations of the Orchard

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A few days ago while working in the orchard, the "wind" began to change, the sudden change brought some beautiful "cloud" formations, as you imagine I left everything I was doing and went running for the camera

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These beautiful formations were waiting for me when I returned, although it is hard to believe, the clouds were moving so fast, that they only allowed me to take ten shots, of which two came out shaky and two dark; I tell them that I am using an old digital camera ¨Samsung¨ 12.2 ¨Mega¨ ¨pixels¨ This poor old lady no longer marries beautiful photographs as before.

Source: Family Album

These are the things that make me love the place where I live, the strategic location allows me to see beautiful cloud formations, sometimes the clouds are so beautiful, that I cannot stop observing to go in search of the camera. I hope these beautiful photographs please you as much as I do

Source: Family Album


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Soft, plump and fluffy clouds on a sunny day. Lovely shots @jlufer.

Thank you very much dear friend @ gems.and.cookies, you are very kind, I heartily appreciate your kind words
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Nice captures the weather seems great there :)
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Muy hermoso este paseo @jlufer que nos compartiste.

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Lovely @jlufer! This is the perfect day for a perfect day!

how are you dear friend @dswigle
Very happy that my images have been to your liking, our city is one that prevails high temperatures, we always have sunny skies
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