Hashkings Secret Experimental Strategy 2 Cheap Land


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Disclaimer: This post is not financial advice. it is for educational/ entertainment purposes. If you decide to follow my strategy, you do so at your own risk.

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I had fun with my last "secret" strategy post so wanted to share this one. It's pretty self-explanatory. I am not re-inventing the wheel here. But I did want t talk about some opportunities with purchasing land that , at least at the time of this post are happening now. Just a reminder this is not part of my main strategy and I am just playing around with extra funds. I am not super focused on ROI, but of course that is a factor.

The other day I noticed what I perceive as a good deal (USD wise) on Afghanistan land plots. Right now they are selling for $2.50-$3.00. This is a pretty good deal in my opinion so I ran some numbers and bought 5.- still staying within my "budget" for these experiments.

Since I already have seeds and am producing water I calculated that it would take me about 28 days (likely a little less than that) to go through 7 harvest cycles on the 5 lands I purchased and make my Hive back (by selling BUDS produced). After that it has paid for itself. In reality I can earn back that Hive much faster as I already have other lands I can harvest on as well as a shit ton of seeds etc.

If you are a new player you could theoretically buy all you need to start the game including land, seed and enough water for around $5. That's a pretty good deal and low cost of entry. Of course I don't know how long this deal will last and South America plots right now are selling for a little less, but you get a lot less value from these plots in terms of yield.

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Thanks for reading. I hope you found this post useful. I plan to do one more post in this series on what I call "seed arbitrage" in the near future.