Today, I purchased five untamed pack and many more other cards to strengthen my army!

in Splinterlands8 months ago

Greetings friends!

Today, I spend lots of money to buy five untamed packs and also bought many cards to level up my existing cards.Here are the screenshots of the untamed cards, I received:



I received this guy as a return gift for purchasing five untamed packed:
I was expecting some valuable cards from untamed packs but, I was disappointed. I could have bought this card without investing on untamed packs. It cost me $10 for buying those untamed packs but, I got card much less than that amount. Those cards are not going to help me in upcoming battles as their stats are not up to the mark. I made a mistake. I should have bought Halfing Alchemist directly from the market. Instead of buying untamed, I could have purchased some legendary monsters from the market.

Apart from those packs, I also bought other cards from the market. I spend around 15USD to buy those cards.Now, I have many common cards of level 4 and rare cards of level 3. I also bought many summoners. So, the level of my summoners is just below the level 4.





What about you? Did you also buy untamed packs and received Halfing Alchemist?
Thanks for reading.