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Hello Friends,



How are you all doing? It's been quite some time since I last posted about Splinterlands whether it's contests or something else.
Here I am with a blog for this week's SHARE YOUR BATTLE weekly challenge with the theme monster being Silvershield Bard, a Life Splinter monster with useful abilities.

Silvershield Bard is a Life splinter reward category monster of rare type and is a melee attack monster.
Normally, I use this 1 MANA cost monster for it's cleanse ability to clean the poison or stun.


As we see, this monster is worth for 1 MANA as it gives a maximum of 2 melee attack and speed varies from 2 to 4 for this 8 level monster and the health starts with 1 and can increase up to 3 in the final level.
It has 2 useful abilities in cleanse and swift.
While cleanse helps to get rid of poison, stun and other negative effects, the swift ability makes all friendly monsters to have an increased speed.


Battle and Lineup:


Battle Link: https://splinterlands.com/?p=battle&id=c9703ebaa1d306e7c0d291c701d603f804633f1f

This was another low MANA cap battle with a MANA cap of 17 and had a rule set of Target Practice which makes all the magic and ranged attack monsters to target the left most magic/ranged attack monster and then the next one and so on.
I thought of using a healing tank at the front and NOT use any magic or ranged attack monsters and that led me to use below lineup:


1. Sacred Unicorn:

This was the front monster for me in this low MANA cap battle as I wanted to avoid ant ranged or magic monsters since the low MANA cap and this healing tank, I felt, is a good option as it has better speed and good melee attack as well.

2. Silvershield Warrior:

Silvershield Warrior although on lower side of speed, it has that added protection against melee and ranged attack in the form of armors and gives 2 melee attack for MANA cost of 4.

3. Armorsmith:

Used this repair monster to have that armor building ability for Sacred Unicorn to have it last longer. This can also be a front monster if required as it has a melee attack.

4. Silvershield Bard:

This theme monster was more than useful for low Mana battles as we may not afford a healer and this can give that added assurance in the form of cleansing the front monster since it can remove the poison, it can un-stun and even it can remove other negative effects from front monster.

5. Furious Chicken:

Last but not least, I used this Zero cost monster for any possible sneak attack.

Opponent used Death Splinter with monsters Furious Chicken, Haunted Spirit and Phantom Soldier and Death splinter means a reduced melee attack for all the melee monsters I used.



Round 1:

Usage of Armorsmith proved to be a good one for me since opponent too had a healing tank and there was a magic attack as well in Phantom Soldier and a combined attack from these 2 without armor could have been a costlier one for me.
There was just one monster got removed on this round and that was the Furious Chicken from opponent's lineup.


Round 2 and 3:

The recovery healing of Haunted Spirit is lesser as compared to the attack from Sacred Unicorn and Silvershield Warrior and that makes it getting a health reduced in each round.


Round 4:

Haunted Spirit finally got removed with only Phantom Soldier to continue the battle for opponent and since it's a flying monster, it evaded few attacks.


Round 5 and 6:

The Phantom Soldier couldn't evade more than once and has to bow out against Sacred Unicorn and Silvershield Warrior and it got removed in round 6 to give an easy win for me as none of the monsters I used got removed.



Questions and Answers:

Did my strategy work? What will I try differently next time?

Well, since that was a Target Practice battle, I probably, could have used couple of ranged or magic attack monsters, but the low MANA cap means, that wasn't a good choice and hence, I feel, this was the best combination for me.

Do I like the SILVERSHIELD BARD? Why or why not?

I do make use of it whenever there is a possibility of poison or stun from opponent's monsters like in certain rule sets.


Final Part:

Well, that was a short yet good battle and all the monsters barring Furious Chicken did their part including the theme monster of Silvershield Bard.
I hope you got a nice read of this battle and I just tried to use a different layout for images and their explanation side by side for reducing the size of the images of monsters I used.
The season will be ending in about 5 days and last few seasons haven't been great for me barring one legendary regular monster, all the other monsters and DEC was far lesser compared to what we use to earn earlier and I am hoping for a better show this time.
I couldn't reach the Champion leagues in last couple of seasons and this time also it looks like I am not gonna make it as I feel right now, but I will be continuing the battles and hoping for the best.
I just wish the Corona CoVid 19 is under control in the place wherever you are.
India is seeing a steep rise in cases and it's like battle on against Corona as the Government is trying it's best to get the cases under control and Corona spread under control.
That is all I could write for this short battle.
I owe to be a regular again for the Splinterlands related blogs and wishing you all good luck in the battles you are fighting.

Thanks and Have a Wonderful Day :)


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Thanks for sharing! - @mango-juice

very nice post coolguy. Silvershield bard is indeed a very important card to have, specially in low mana life matches. Keep playing splinterlands and post awesome blogs.