Splinterlands Weekly Challenge - Mitica Headhunter Monster

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Hi Friends,

There are some monsters which we feel like using those in each and every battle we fight and there are some monsters which we rarely use or may not use at all!!!
Well, Mitica Headhunter is a monster which belongs to First category as mentioned above.


Edition: Untamed.
Rarity: Epic.
Splinter: Earth.
Mana Cost: 8.
Attack Type: Ranged
Abilities: Snare at level 1, Piercing at level 4 and Shatter at level 6.
One of the most used Earth Splinter monsters is this Mitica Headhunter and it is one of the fast to attack because of it's speed of 5 from level 1 and is also among the best in terms of attack as it gives a ranged attack of 4 from level 1.





Battle Link: https://splinterlands.com/?p=battle&id=714aaf565977fe14f76f769e5760e67158b593e4

Mana Cap: 28.
Rulesets: Earthquake and Taking Sides.


Summoner: Wizard of Eastwood


Wizard of Eastwood is the Untamed version Summoner of Earth Splinter and this is the best bet I have at level 4 which reduces the armors of monster on other side of the lineup.

Front Monster: Nectar Queen


Earthquake battle forced me to use most of the flying monsters I have and Nectar Queen is the best bet I have for a front monster.

Second Monster: Screeching Vulture


Another flying monster is this Screeching Vulture which, being an opportunity monster, can target the lower health monsters.

Third Monster: Brownie


Swiftness the Brownie brings will be a value addition to this battle as all the monsters I used will be quick to attack.

Fourth Monster: Wood Nymph


Any battle requires an healer unless it's an healed out battle and I used Wood Nymph for the healing option.

Fifth Monster: Mitica Headhunter


The last monster on the lineup I used is the theme monster for this week which is Mitica Headhunter. This monster as we have seen, is one of the most used among the Earth Splinter monsters because of it's swiftness, attack and health.
Since this is a Taking Sides battle, no Furious Chicken in this lineup and hence, only 5 monsters used to cover the 28 mana cap.

The Conclusion:

This was a good battle for the 28 mana cap for the rulesets of Earthquake and Taking Sides and each of those monsters were perfect an contributed in this win for me.
Can you think any other monster to have a better result? I don't think so atleast based on what monsters I have and this lineup seemed to be a perfect one for me.
I always use the monster Mitica Headhunter whenever it is allowed to be used in the battle(no ranged monster means no Mitica Headhunter) and enough mana cost is provided for the battle.

Splinterlands is always fun besides earning some Crypto in the form of DEC and I always enjoy these monsters and battling it with those.
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Thank you for going thru this blog and I hope you enjoyed reading it and I always appreciate your support as an upvote, comment and suggestions.

Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

This card a the favorite of many players because can be used by its speed and incredible range attack power.