Splinterlands Quest Rewards. Why are you not playing?

in Splinterlandslast month


Hey, it is a good time to be playing right now. We are all early in the NFT market. I love getting these rewards.

d3.pngd 2.png

Hello, all loo I won free stuff haha.


only fun when its good to great rewards. Dreadful most of the time for me earning just a couple of DECs and tons of potions. It has gotten a bit better now where I see more cards, but even then the cards are mostly common. I have not seen getting a legend in months...

yeh, but legends wouldnt be fun if we got them everyday. players only post and brag about the good stuff, not the common or rewards full of potions. we just have to keep playing smart and having fun 🙌🏾

nice, those undead rexx's are going to be looked at more closely, theres not many other cards in the death splinter than can utilized the trample ability to take advantage of the new stampede stipulation.