Splinterlands daily quest rewards 18.04.21 - Silver I, Sneak

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I finally have some free time to devote to my favorite game, and today I am diligently climbing from Silver I to Gold. It turns out pretty good and completing the Stealth Mission quest of the day brought the following rewards:

screenshot (1).jpeg

UNTAMED PACK I sell very rarely, and opening this one found a couple of great cards for my Water and Death decks:

screenshot (2).jpeg

SERPENT OF ELD - very good in battles with Sneak Prail, and mine is close to the third level, and gold UNDEAD BADGER - is never superfluous and more than once helped out in duels with low mana.

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Nice pack. I tend to avoid the death splinters like they are a plague though because most of my leveled up cards are untamed. The other cards are just a bit too low level for me to even build a good decent deck.




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