Splinterlands daily quest rewards 22.04.21 - Gold III, Dragon

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Greetings, friends! Made it to the Gold III league last night, actively progressing to Gold II, and today's daily quest for the Dragon element brought the following rewards:

screenshot (6).jpeg

Since I have almost 3k DEC and I was lucky enough to get a couple more DEC today, I decided to get the UNTAMED BOOSTER PACK and was pleasantly surprised by one of the cards I got in it:

screenshot (7).jpeg

Gold TOWER GRIFFIN !!! Great archer for battles with little mana and Earthquake. Used to use the regular one a lot and I think this one will pay for itself quickly. Very pleased with today's haul and hopefully this season will bring a few more pleasant surprises.

screenshot (8).jpeg

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A gold foil rare is pretty good . I think the tower griffin is one of the better rare card because of its skills but I don't remember.




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