Splinterlands season rewards 15.04.21 - Gold I

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Another season came to an end, unpleasantly but once again lacked only 50 points to enter Diamond III, but so get 30 chests - it's very nice.

In fact, fell out here is such a reward:

screenshot (8).jpeg

Plus a lot of DEC and some potions:

screenshot (9).jpeg

As the gold cards in the awards did not find, decided to try my luck in the UNTAMED BOOSTER PACK and one of the two purchased was an excellent gold card (just raised the level of his Goblin Fireballer) , and Water archers came very handy :)

screenshot (10).jpeg

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My season rewards were also fairly bad. The only thing notable that I got was 1,700 DEC drop that made up for some of my bad luck this season.

Maybe this season will be lucky :)




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tengo que comprar el libro de hechizos para poder participar por los premios diarios , ya quiero mas cartas por los momentos tengo un total de 55 cartas a ver si gano mas