Between a Monkey and a Sandworm (weekly rewards in Splinterlands)


Season rewards were cool enough, with one Gold Monkey and few Rare cards like Gloridax Soldier and 2 Silvershield Sherrifs. The weekly battle challenge is Sandworm, a card that I like a bit too much, and I will do my post Wednesday when I have a day off work.

Got 2 Dark Ferryman and one Efreet Elder this week, that i need. And some good mix of cards, with not so many potion rewards as usual. I am pleased with the results. What did I get this week? Let's see:

9 Alchemy potions

10 Legendary potions

2663 DEC

14 monster cards (Dark Ferryman x 2, Warrior of Peace, Nectar Queen x 2, Efreet Elder, Fineas Rage, Nightmare x 2, Chain Spinner, Ant Miner, Wave Runner, Demented Shark, Barking Spider )

Total value: $5.49

Actual stats for my account:

Number of cards: 256 - Common: 90, Rare: 75, Epic: 42, Legendary: 28
Alpha: 23 - Beta: 32 - Promo: 10 - Reward: 85 - Untamed: 85 - Dice: 21
## Gold cards: 23 ## BCX: 5435 ## Value: $ 3187.63 ##

On my 1 million STP target, I reached 957K, so I am not that far, with 4-5K coming every week from rewards. So, less than 8 weeks until there, if I am doing the battle challenge post every week. Airdrop closing by, I am saving my DEC tokens for the moment. I you want to play Splinterlands, give me a shout, and I may lend you some nice cards. My referral is .

All the best,



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Can you lend me some cards? plss i need like 7500 more power to reach silvers league pls bro! and i need it to enter arena. So can you lend me for about 11 days? My end season still have 11 days left