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Welp, you know how you have one of those days that you're just plugging along, minding your own business & then the Universe decides to trip you? Yeahhhhh....exactly...

Even though it was a hot mess, that didn't deter me from battling it out with some Monsters in the @splinterlands world...in addition, a surprise giveaway was done as well as few updates, tips & tricks...

It is a whole smorgasbord of fun & chaos with #PixiePowerGaming, along with a side of total insanity...come along for the @splinterlands journey with me & engage with me to be eligible for next week's giveaway as well...

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DISCLAIMER: Bad language IS uttered & my usual insanity is very present….you were warned! ;)

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It sucks that you lost the footage for the sneak fights. At least you won a fight your first fight after you restarted.

As for the second fight, I don't understand the point of using Nightmare since it can't attack from the third position. It doesn't seem like you would be able to take advantage of the blast. I try to set my team based on how I can get them to attack from their position no matter what.

Username: @jfang003

Oh, it was very frustrating losing that footage and the TIME! But I wasn't about to let that stop me lol.....in my new video, you will be able to get a better idea of the sneak fights. They have been a love & hate thing for me lol...

Yeah the Nightmare really didn't do much tbh. Sometimes I just throw in certain cards to see what happens...as I mentioned before, I am not really a strategic player..I kind of go to the beat of my own tune. It's probably more because I really only play this for fun. I am not too worried about the other stuff... ;)

Thanks for your awesome comment & apologies for my late response lol. :)


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Thanks for the card! Just to confirm that I have received it!

Also, thanks for the mention of Liotes shop! That Mother Kala really sticks out from your deck... It didn't work this time, but it will in the future... As it is level 2 Summoner, you can use some higher-level monsters with it... ;)

You had a bee in your apartment??? :) lol... You don't need to be stung now... Before the flight!

Oh, yes... you have another one for your list... :) Shadow present? :)

username: cryptofiloz

!LUV 1

Command accepted!

@tipu curate

I have days 'like that' - they never end ,

my life is like splinterlands - losing and losing and F***ING losing



Why am I always close to winning the draw?😂😂
You sure can sing Jenn, that song about the bee is the bomb😃

You are crazy my friend "you miss me bitch"!

Another interesting battles, your first battle was pure victory as you outclassed your opponent.
Keep battling Jenn, I might look at renting some cards but I will have to make sure I put in the time for the benefit of renting.

And you should travel safe 🤗


Another rollicking good time! I was shocked to hear you say that you have never used the Twisted Jester. It is probably my most used Death splinter card. Although I admit, it is fading a bit now that all the new powerful ranged monsters have been released for Death splinter. Almost forgot...@gregory-f

Congratulations to @cryptofiloz!

OK, Jenn, I have a tip for you. When you battle other players that use the Funky Chicken or Oozer Loser, watch where they put them in the order. Sometimes where you put them can increase your winning percentage. For example, there my be times that you want to put the chicken in your first position to take the first big blow from your opponent. This will effectively give you an extra hit on your tank before it dies. This is not always what you want to do (like probably not when your tank has a high speed), but it can be a beneficial tactic at times.

Oh, and please include me in your next giveaway: @moonthumb


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