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Oh boy, just when you think you know someone (or a monster to be more specific) have a cozy relationship with battling opponents & earning DEC, happily bonding in the process...and then BAM!

You are deceived. Well, Frost Lion did it to I handle tech glitches & all kinds of weird energy today (due to the New Moon in Capricorn), I manage to barely maintain my composure as I continue to battle my way through the @splinterlands craziness...

We are almost at the end of this Season so now we got to pull out all our stops....

Or did I ever start? Watch the video to see what happens ;)

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DISCLAIMER: Bad language IS uttered & my usual insanity is very present….you were warned! ;)

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Hi there! Sorry that it was a bad tech day for you- I know that can be frustrating! The Frost Lion card is a melee attack that can only hit from the front as a tank unless the rule sets say melee attacks can hit from anywhere. Congrats on opening up 3 nice Summoners in that pack!! I hope you have a better week! An upvote is on the way from Splinterlands!

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Hey girl! So great to see you in my comments again. Your replies are fun to read :)

Things got better after I completed the video, thankfully. I think once I put it out in the Universe & let go of the frustrations, things resolved themselves. Sometimes that's all we need to do. LOL!

Oh, my goodness - so THAT is why my Frost Lion dies all the time. Makes sense now. Geez, I will learn someday!!! It's a work in progress over here he he...oh well, I will get there but at least I can entertain you all in the meantime lol.

I love your beautiful graphics! :) Do you ever create them for others? I would love to have one for my posts or brand. I will gladly pay you! :)

Anyways, have an amazing day. Thank you for all of your support! :) 💚


Hi there! You are doing great, keep up the great work, I absolutely love your videos and will always support them! Yes, you can use any of my gifs you like! There are a ton in the Splinterlands Discord in the channel #free-dividers-logos-gifs - lots of them pinned in there free to use! There is also a channel in there- #video-streams and I do put your posts in there sometimes when I remember lol but if you are in there add them, that would be awesome!

Oh nice! Thank you so much! I appreciate the help & thank you also for the extra support. I will check them out & remember to post in the video-streams channel.

You do awesome graphic work! You should show them to the world, if you haven't already. You got talent! :)

Thanks again for the help! Hope you're having an awesome day! 💚🤗

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Unfortunately, the leagues don't work as you assumed... You can drop a league after the end of the current one... I think that the system just divides your points at the end of the season, and you get where you get... lol...

And I saw that @clove71 answered why you got deceived by Frost Lion, so, that's fixed...

Thorns RULEZ! :)

He he yeah I kind of noticed that. I think that I will just shoot for the goal of staying in Silver but not stress too much about it, going forward. I just want to have fun playing it & entertain others with the video content. That's the most important thing for me. :)

Yes, Frost Lion is kind of off the hook but I still won't make it easy for him!!! LOL In all seriousness, yes, @clove71 helped with my understanding about it ;)

Sorry for the delayed response, but as always, I appreciate your comments & engagement more than you know! Yes, Thorns RULEZ & we will keep kicking arse! ;) 💚


Have a great season-ending! ~@clove71

Good luck to you as well!! :) Let's kick some arse! he he ;)

Nice dice pack opening Jenn, I only got to find out from this video crappy mana has level... lol! Interesting findings sweetie!

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Thank you! I was really happy with the dice pack, despite all the crazy technical difficulties lol. (Btw, my rant was the video before this lol.) 🤣🤣

Yeah, it's funny what you can learn from the "crappy mana" even if I am having my arse handed to me! :) It is still fun! I will beat it one way or another lol.

Thanks for watching, hon. I appreciate your support & hope you are winning your battles as well!🧡


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Thanks for the wine @pixiepost I'm kicking arse in between 😃🤗❤️

You're so welcome! Wine makes people happy he he! :) Keep it going! 😃🤗💚