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Yes, it is Wednesday & yes, this week there IS a video! While there is no giveaway this time, there is still plenty of craziness with #PixiePowerGaming as always...

I may be traveling right now but there is always some remaining #battles to do on the @splinterlands battlefield... so here I am in spirit, kicking arse & taking names...

Okay, well that SOUNDS good, anyways...but nevertheless, I give it my all as I bring back some footage of other adventures I had with the Monsters! I just really need to deactivate that timer sometime... just saying...

This will be my final SL video until I return so enjoy! Keep on the good fight, my friends & let me know what you're up to during this Season! ;)

Until May.....
May the @splinterlands odds be ever in your favor! ⚔️ 🎮


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At least you a fight and it did count for your sneak quest.

Yes I have had a frustrating fights where I only need one hit to connect but I missed like 4 times in a row.

username: @jfang003

Some days you eat the bear...some days the bear eats you.

I can relate on the misses. I have had several battles where you know you will do enough damage to kill your opponent's last monster and you MISS and get killed. That just chaps my hide.

Username: @moonthumb

Your current Rank (52) in the battle Arena of Holybread has granted you an Upvote of 18%

That intro is cool! I've had a rough day of battles myself! Some days are smooth 5 wins in a row and others it's like a hour process!

Pixie power gaming wonderfully idea


Nice battles Jenn, I was watching while at my desk working 😃 most of all I could here is you yelling and swearing 😂😂

Enjoy your trip sweetie 🤗☕