Defender of Truth - A Splinterlands Challenge

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This week battle challenge required the Defender of Truth, an Alpha/Beta epic rarity monster from the Life Splinter.


I joined Splinterlands in December therefore I don't have it. Had a look on the market but I change my mind when I seen it costs $7

The card looks cool and has great stats. You get 3 HP and 1 Armor, Speed 4 and 2 Magic Attack for only 4 Mana Points. As a bonus, the protect ability gives +2 armour to the party!

A similar card, which I constantly use, is the Truthspeaker! Has the protect ability, lesser stats and costs only 3 mana.

I chose the Shieldbearer as a tank, and the Sand Worm as overpowered damage. Ooze an Chicken were the cheap selections to fill the team.

Screenshot 2021-02-06 16.32.07.png

The Shieldbearer was able to survive enough to give time to the Sand Worm to annihilate the opponent back line. Game over!

See the whole battle here!

For only one extra mana, the Defender of Truth will be a great upgrade for the team, if will replace the Truthspeaker! Money wise, I am happy to use the Truthspearker and save $7.

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@tipu curate

Wow, all that? This card was much cheaper recently. The Worm was the main protagonist of his battle, congratulations for the great victory. Stay strong in the fight