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RE: Splinterlands | Rewards & Onboarding Psychology

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Wow I think the progress bars / tokens for the rare, epic... cards is a really good solution.
I don't really like the new ranking system but I already hated the reward & potion change before: I have hundreds of potions that I'm never gonna use because I don't buy that many packs. So it always feels so empty and useless when I open rewards and only get potions,

The token system reminds me of the League of Legends system. They too made it harder to earn the in-game currency to buy characters but they added some extra "shards" rewards that you could collect and use for skins or characters.
It was really hard to get enough of them for anything but just knowing you actually could use them in the future for something really nice, a nice skin or extra character, made you feel good about getting them and made collected them worthwile.


Thanks, I'm testing out the leaderboards this season but from what it looks like, those 'in the money' just have way higher collection values compared to the league they compete in. (like 2 Million+ collection score in the Silver league). I just hope they manage to lower rewards but make players feel like they are actually getting more which should be perfectly possible. I am looking forward to everything to come and it will be interesting to see how it all plays out. I still enjoy the game and think it feels way less repetitive than on would expect with all the different rules. lot of tweaking left to do though.

Yea, one thing that got better are the fights. They are harder now as I feel that there are less bots and you get to fight against players with better cards too.

I feel like diamond league is the hardest because a lot of people with stronger cards want to stay in there to get better rewards. I wonder however if they can do something to disincentive this "staying in a lower league for rewards".

Fixing the rewards will probably be hard. ATM I think that new players don't get enough rewards to motivate them and the biggest player get a lot. So this means that as a new player you grow slow and as a big player you grow fast. It makes sense to give more rewards to the top players but I feel like there should be some more balancing done to not create a "DEX wealth gap". 😂