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Hello everyone,

Okay, time to give away a card so I will do that first. It was from this post
The winner is.

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Congrats to @thegcc hope it helps you a little.

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Each week I ask you guys a question and you have to answer to win the card. I always read them all but don't always reply. You have to answer the question or you won't be in the draw. I don't care what you say but it has to be an answer that makes sense. Trying to avoid bots.

Wow I just read all the answers to the question and now the new one is how is ETH number 2 when the fees stop so many from using the tokens on it?

The giveaway is only on hive.

I don't get it at all. BSC is way cheaper and works just as well. DOT is coming and so is ADA oh and well HIVE can do a lot of that stuff way cheaper. So how is ETH still number 2? I don't think it will be for much longer but I could be wrong.

What card can you win this week?

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Fire Elemental is a good new card sorry back down to the rare need to win another big reward haha then you get better free stuff.


I think the biggest reason is ETH kind of now a well known brand. Therefore people who are new to trading buy ETH first in terms of altcoin. Buying in exchanges like binance, huobi, ftx etc. you dont need to check for gas fees since you are just going to either hodl or just trade it and not use it. In time I believe ETH's shine will drop however we still have time for that.

@tipu curate

Even I'm confused. What drives the price if so many people complain about the gas fees. How does the currency price increase.

Speculation and market sentiment is my guess. Why is bitcoin so high? Because it's the one most people know about..

Some people actually know a bit about eth and are anticipating on the update, others just jump on the bandwagon because their barber told them about ethereum :-)

Bnb is doing what eth can't. Bnb is super undervalued imo.

No idea... but in my opinion hive will rise even further. It's just cheaper and very beginner friendly

I think it is the big money moving into ETH. To them, the fees are so small that it doesn't matter to them. However it is driving away the smaller players from ETH to BSC. Just the institutional money coming in from the big banks, fund and corporations consider a fee lie $40 to be nothing when you are dealing with 6 or 7 figure trades.

Bit like BtC people see it as a poor man's store of value @failforward

The skyrocketed gas fee may kind of deter people from purchasing items and nfts by ETH. I think I can lead to the lowering of volatility of ETH. Maybe at some point the gas fee is too high for the majority of buyers. The ETH price can return to a acceptable level.

Thank you for the very nice card!

I think Eth is the biggest because so much money got dumped into Defi. It's basically become the Silver to Bitcoin's Gold (sorry Litecoin). It also had first mover advantage. I do think that with many projects fleeing Eth for BSC or other cheaper gas chains, it is going to hurt Eth in the future. That being said, they are still doing a lot of development work. At the end of the day BSC is essentially just a more centralized fork of Eth, with some cheaper gas adjustments.

The fee free chains will hopefully start to become more popular going forward :D Like Hive ;)

I think that ETH was the first to do smart contract on the market, so most people have heard one day or another of ETH and think that it's a beautiful invention. But less people have heard about other alt that have take the same fonctionality and work with less fee. Plus, I think that Dapp that are on ETH don't wants to redevelop all the things for other platform. And, also, ETH is not used only by users of crypto but also by investor, so they take the most capitalized crypto with smart contract.

I dont know, but maybe people complain about the gas fees.

Maybe just ignorance or maybe investors don't really understand cyrpto. I know I'm very new to cryto and it is a lot to take in and a lot to learn about.

I think it because of the community. There is a lot of things going on with ETH. I do agree with DOT but not ADA. So far there is not much going on with ADA and it might take a while for it to be as popular as ETH. This is just my 2 cents.

I think a big reason ETH is still number 2 is that everyone is locking up their ETH in anticipation of ETH 2.0 and staking rewards.

Congratulations to @thegcc!

I don't understand it either. With the exorbitant gas fees, I will not even consider using ETH. I think their only saving grace is that there are a lot of dapps built on their blockchain, but I won't use them.

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ETH is known.

I think ETH is still so valuable because people are expecting the gas fees to go down soon with ETH 2.0.

Ethereum is sensational, high fees mean high level of usability of the blockchain, and that's great. Several improvements are appearing to solve the problem of high rates, in the coming months we will see some results.