Splinterlands Rare Card Giveaway

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Hello everyone,

Okay, time to give away a card so I will do that first. It was from this post
The winner is.

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Congrats to @giemo

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Each week I ask you guys a question and you have to answer to win the card. I always read them all but don't always reply. You have to answer the question or you won't be in the draw. I don't care what you say but it has to be an answer that makes sense. Trying to avoid bots.

Are you in a guild and have you taken part in a brawl yet?

The giveaway is only on hive.

On my main account I have but not on my lower ones I need to start to check that out for them. I like that they added this new system makes guilds feel more like a team

What card can you win this week?

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Efreet Elder is a pretty good new card for the fire team.


Yes I'm in NFT Warriors and have been participating in brawls. I think the brawl feature needs a little more tuning but I like it so far. It brings guilds together as a real team, which I like.

@tipu curate

I am in a guild but we don't have an arena yet so I haven't tried brawling yet

I am in a guild and I have been participating in the brawl. I don't seem to be doing quite well for fights though and our guild usually ranks towards the bottom.

Awesome thank you. Yes I'm in a guild and I have taken part in brawls. It's quite fun :)

I've played couple of brawls. Pretty neutral about it so far.

I am in a guild, and we just opened up brawls. I’m excited to give it a try. @horstman5

I am in a guild but I havent brawling yet. @leonardohwang

I am in a guild and have done all the brawls.

I think the random guild pairings may not be the greatest idea. I know it will shake out over time with the tiers, but right now there's people with full sets of legendary cards playing against small guilds with actual Novice/Bronze players :/ Makes for a lot of one sides tournaments.

I do like that there's more reason to try to work together as an actual team, since before it was just a thing to do to get a discount/bonus DEC.

I'm in a guild but we don't have an arena.

I'm in a guild but it's pretty much dead so we haven't constructed an arena or done Brawls yet.

I am in a guild and I participated in all of the brawls. The bad thing though for our guild is we do not have much gold cards (probably like most guilds lol) so we can not get the gold trays filled. Hoping in the future we can :)

Yes I have participated in a guild brawl. It's gonna be a long grind to lvl that building up

Yes I'm in a guild (pretty damn good one too) and have been participating in brawls since our guild got our arena.

I'm in a guild, first brawl starting soon! @darkpine

We built our arena maybe 2 weeks ago and I've been trying to take part in as many brawls as I can while encouraging the other members to sign up either in our guild page or our guild discord.

I'd love to win the efreet elder!!

yeah. but the issue is that some of the members are asleep and we cant work as a tean

I'm not on guild because it's, I think, complicated to find an active guild where you have all the requiered criteria.

I am in a guild and I do take part in brawls. Currently, there are no incentive for guild member to take part in brawl as such not many guild member are doing their part. Maybe some additional reward can help boost guild brawl participation.

I use the mobile app so no ability to use brawl yet, but I am in a guild

I'm in a guild and we just entered our first brawl.

Yes in a guild called Gladiators.
We take place in Brawls. I win some, lose some.