Splinterlands Rare Card Giveaway

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Hello everyone,

Okay, time to give away a card so I will do that first. It was from this post sorry I was pretty late. Sorry I had a busy weekend.
The winner is.

2021-04-25 16_19_59-Window.png

Congrats to @Rondonshneezy hope it helps you a little.

2021-04-25 16_25_26-Window.png

Each week I ask you guys a question and you have to answer to win the card. I always read them all but don't always reply. You have to answer the question or you won't be in the draw. I don't care what you say but it has to be an answer that makes sense. Trying to avoid bots.

Do you listen to the AMA? They do one almost every Friday in the Discord and it gives us more info. If you want to see where else it is go Here

The giveaway is only on hive.

I try to make it each week live but I always listen to it on youtube if not. It is good to know what is coming.

What card can you win this week?

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@tipu curate

First off, thank you so much.
I typically do not participate in the ama. Most of the important information is quickly posted here on hive. I have trust in the project.

The timing of the AMA is tough for me, but PeakD is an excellent source of info. Thanks for hosting!

I would listen to the AMA if it was at a better time for me. I usually listen to the replay, when they remember to record it, lol.

I dont listen AMA. @leonardohwang

I've never listened to the AMA before. I'm still trying to get into using Discord. I try to check it daily for announcements. I guess I should check out the replay.

I dont listen to the AMA unless there is big announcement. @koition


Wasn't aware there was one, I'll have to check it out.

The AMAs don't fit well with my schedule so I tend to skip them. I usually just wait for the announcements or for some people to talk about it in posts.

I watched recordings, but can't find the recent ones.
I probably should start watching them live, since they can't seem to consistently upload them.

I do not watch it due to my timezone however I try to check what was talked from reading posts :)

I listen to Ama live when it suits my timezone otherwise I try to watch the replay on YouTube if it's uploaded.