My journey in Splinterlands - Giveaway!- how a game becomes an investment

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About two months ago I started playing with Splinterlands and I had a fantastic time since then.
At first I was so upset that I lost about 20 matches in a row that I wrote a post about it. I was really pissed and angry since I hate loosing. (who does not?)

I even wrote a rage post about it and thanks to @clove71 who was really generous I could advance a bit in the game. She sent me some cards to keep and even 500DEC to buy myself some more. She also delegated some really strong cards to me for a while. I want to say thanks again for this cool gesture.

So since then I have been playing SL almost every day and since I found out that it even works on mobile devices my biggest problem is the DEC capture rate which is never over 70%
I play so much that it simply does not have the time to fully recharge.

So as I learn more about the hive blockchain and about all the great projects built on top of it, I have been rethinking my investment strategies as you can read in my posts on #leofinance

About 2 weeks ago I finally took the courage and invested some money to buy 110 card packs. An investment of 200$ that paid out over 500$ worth in cards.

I also started to spend my LEN tokens that I made with my LENM to buy packs at a bargain price in the shop of @liotes. Instead of 2$ they cost 1,89 and you pay in LEN. If you are willing to wait 24 hours for your order to process (usually it goes much faster) it is absolutely worth it.

Since my "big" investment I have advanced to gold II leaderboard and I am so happy that I changed my mind and bought these packs.

As of now I look at my collection and feel pretty damn good about it. I will continue to build up my power and level up my cards so I can get into even higher leagues. My goal is to build a collection that can be leased out to other players, earning me a passive income. I now not only consider Splinterlands a cool and fun and addicting game but also as an investment.

Since we are still in the early days of blockchain gaming I think this investment will pay of pretty well in the next few years to come. And if it does not, I will still have a nice deck to kick some splinter ass.

As a thank you to the whole Splinterland community I want to give something back. And this is where the fun part starts.

Giveaway time!

I am giving away quite a few cards here and all you have to do is to comment which card you want to win and tag one friend who is also playing SL, or one friend who you think should get started playing. Upvotes and reblogs are not necessary to take part in the giveaway but are of course appreciated. All liquid rewards from this post will flow straight back into the game :)

What can you win? Well lets have a look shall we?

In total I will give away 5 cards and in future I will do such giveaways more often. The cool thing is one of these 5 is already leveled up to level 2. You can thank me later :)

Make sure to hit the follow button to not miss out on future giveaways! And now without further ado:






Thanks for reading! And good luck with the giveaway! Winners will be announced in 1 week past payout of this post!


Give me all those cards! 😡😡😡


Well on this one you will have to depend on sheer luck :) Members of Acolytes of Helio together strong!

@solymi denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient!
@solymi thinks you have earned a vote of @investinthefutur !

Nice work! Glad to see you still battling, very nice! Good luck with your season-ending! ~@clove71

Thanks, Gold 1 was almost done had about 100 more points to do, Diamond III was so close haha.
Thanks for your support, and maybe we see each other on the battlefield once :)

Gold 2 after only 2 months of playing? You are kicking ass, @solymi!

Btw, thanks for the mention of Liotes... We will create more of those juicy sales with SL cards and packs in the future... For your joy, and wallet :P :P

I also believe that we have just scratched the surface of blockchain gaming, and we are lucky that we are playing one of the best games on all chains!

Good luck with your battling!

Let's see where is @pixiepost as she likes giveaways and this one looks great!

Thanks for the kind words, and the mention is just a no brainer, I am part of that project too and our planet needs more citizens :)
I hope @pixiepost finds some time during her vacation to play a bit of SL
Yeah I got extremely lucky with the cards I got. Spending some extra on potions was a good decision.

Hi @ph1102, you were just shared some LUV thanks to @solymi. Holding 10 LUV in your wallet enables you to give up to 3 LUV per day, for free. See the LUV in your wallet at or learn about LUV at

This is really cool of you. I !LUV 1 giveaways like this. Put me down for that Fire Elemental.
@ph1102 should get in on this too.

hey @horstman5 I love giveaways too you are in!

Cool cool! Also interested in the failed summoner 😎

Thanks for participating, just tag a friend and you are in the draw :)

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Congratulations on your progress.

I'd select Fire Elemental.

Tagging @mimismartypants.
!LUV 1

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Thanks for participating and you are in for the draw!
And thanks for the !LUV

My pleasure. Thank YOU for providing this giveaway.

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

I'd like to win the Fire elemental and I know @pixiepost would want to enter this giveaway also.

I am quite sure she would love to enter this one :)
Thanks for participating you are in :)

Goblin fireballer please! @randumb

You are in the draw :) thanks for participating.

Count me in for Fire Elemental!

Hey Mercurial, as stated in the post you hae to tag one friend :)
Do it and you are in!

Cool! @stever82

Cool. I'd take the Fire Elemental.

Hey @chuckrick thanks for participating! You are in!

I pick the failed summoner and I will tag @savvyplayer to let him know about the giveaway.

Yes! You are in ;)

Hi @solymi, you were just shared some LUV thanks to @horstman5. Holding 10 LUV in your wallet enables you to give up to 3 LUV per day, for free. See the LUV in your wallet at or learn about LUV at

Hello there! Thanks for the info an the card! List me in Feasting seaweed!
@furenze come and check this!

hey @norevanz thanks for participating! You are listed!

I would like fire elemental @leonardohwang

Hi Leonardo if you tag a friend as stated in the post you are in ;)

I would like to win the Fire Elemental :-)
Tagging @luck-man

Thanks for participating! You are in the draw!

Great, thank you 😀