Organization and Daily Affirmations - DTubeSnap Dec-21-2020

What’s up #DTube! How you doin’ Angels? Efficiency! Today for my #DTubeSnap I am discussing how with a little organization I have started down the path of creating regular daily vlog in multiple format using several different devices. The previous video posted is the one rendering in the background, many little complications overcome to finally get that video completed. After recording this video and starting my day calling EI I did get good news back plus a call back from one of the charities I have reached out too ... gotta watch for my upcoming video on that!


  • Record & Edit Long Form Vlogs


  • Record As Much As Possible
  • Stay Organized Semi-Daily In File Organizations
  • Post Daily DTubeSnaps
  • Set Good Time To Sit & Edit Long Form (couple days a week?)


  • Decided Use For Each Device
  • First Video Posted

Let Me Know Your Thoughts In The Comments Below!!!

That's It, @D00k13 Out!!!

What is a #DTubeSnap? - Daily Affirmation

Tell us about your entrepreneurial or personal wellbeing journey with a 3-5 min video

  • start your vlog with "Hey DTube" or similar
  • ATTENTION UPDATED RULE try say your name and topic of the dtubesnap in first 5 seconds
  • mention what you are challenged with, recent goals accomplished, goals yet to accomplish, action plan to accomplish goals
  • post to "dtubesnap" tag
  • Share post to twitter using "dtube" & "dtubesnap" tags
  • drop links to tweet and dtube post in "dtubesnap" channel in #OneLoveDTube Discord


  • All posts following above rules will be curated by @OneLoveDTube, @d00k13 & @ionomy
  • 3 posts chosen weekly for DTC & OneLoveIPFS hosting reward

How Does This Challenge Help You?

  • challenge yourself to develop skills
  • build structure to your plans
  • be encouraged to follow through with your goals
  • realize your true potential

The idea of this challenge will evolve as time goes on so please remember to check these posts for the details of the week. Above is Week 3 changes, check discord channel #DTubeSnap when dropping post link for messages marking weekly cutoffs. We are not sticklers so please feel free to evolve the function of these daily affirmations for your life but please include your action plan for growth.

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Is that cardboard and sheet contraption a way to soften the light from the lamp? I like it haha.


It focuses and softens LOL basically its a cardboard box cut in half bent into half circle lined with white paper for reflection with a sheet of tissue paper(gift wrapping) hanging in front of the bulb to soften the direct light ... I am going to play with paper linings and tissues to try get color accenting without being over powering ... my biggest issue is right on the other side of my rig is the couch and tv ... I cannot cause any disruption of Netflix or I will be sorry 😜


LOL, yeah, don't mess with Nexflix.
I need to soften the light in my workspace. I basically have daylight temperature light bulbs that are very bright so it always looks like daytime even at night... but the light is a little harsh.


Try some tissue paper or even a white plastic bag ... closer it is to the light the brighter it will shine through 🤓