2016 Silver Panda's - 4 year condition inspection

Hello stackers, during my time on lockdown I got very bored. How bored SSUK?? Bored enough to audit my silver stack oz for oz and take loads of juicy pictures during the process. I got a new phone that week and was playing with the camera so I have a small vault loaded with epic pictures ready to release with some of my own brand of content.

Today we're gonna have a look at some 2016 Silver panda's. This was the first year the Chinese silver panda was released at its current weight of 30g. Silver pandas from 2015 backwards were sold as 1 oz. No idea why they changed over to 30g but hey ho, I like them so I bought a tray of 15.


Having never removed any of them from their capsules in 4 years, I was interested to see how they had stood the test of time in regards to milking are tarnish. Panda's have always been known as milker's so I got a nice surprise to see not 1 single milk spot of any of the 15 coins.


I did, however, find 5 coins that had very small tarnish marks right on the edge between the coin face and the coin rim. I tried to take a picture just now but the camera does not pick up. I was starting thinking the light was playing tricks on my eyes but with a side by side comparison, my eyes are good :)

It would not be a proper silver post without a proper silver picture. Here are my 15 ozs and 2 hand-poured bars just for fun. Building stacks with capsules is hard, building stacks with panda capsules is impossible. It took 10 minutes to get the coins to stay still as they kept slipping off each other.


That's them back in their tray for another few years. All in all, im pretty happy with the condition they have remained in. No milky spot is a big win for me, a few small orange tarnishes that cant be on without a loop is no problem for me.

Thanks for checking out my short post. Im guessing you clicked cause you love silver pandas. They are awesome coins and deffo on the higher side of the premium side of bullion but the designs are always sexy and coming in their capsules is a bonus.

How many different years of Pandas do you have?

I think I have 6 different years ranging from 1oz to 15 oz's for that year.


If your panda s are good mine might be good too. I have the serie starting 1985.

shit i was born in 1985, them some old coins.

If I were thinking further ahead, I should have purchased extra Pandas. Vancouver has a large Chinese population and looking back at the coin shows and Bullion dealers I'd say almost half the buyers are Asian/Chinese. A ready market for Pandas.
I have a pair of 2016 Pandas, one 2015, one 2014, one 2013, and a pair of 1987 Pandas, all 1 Troy oz.

You have a little of anything, some super old, a few 1oz and some 30grams. That sounds like a nice collection :)

Don’t have any now. Had almost the entire run since the early 80’s graded. A bunch of the high dollar ones spotted up and i sold every one of them
Immediately. I was pissed and won’t buy them again unless it’s for spot

do they still carry a premium with milky spots, the older ones?

Yay! Those pandas are looking good. I have one for each year 2013 to now, but I am probably too cheap to try to find the earlier ones. They are super cute though. 🐼

Im the same, they are too expensive to go back for. I think my first one was a 2013 :) The year I started stacking

Looking good, @silverstackeruk!!!
2016 was the year when I thought that I'd do the graded bullion coins... because I only get one coin from each government mint. I do have a couple of the Panda 2016 in raw form.
About how many panda coins in years do I have... I have at least one from the year they were released.
You will need to watch the one-minute video to see it here:
Stack on! 🥰🌺🤙

damn, nice video. I not have the patience to do a full date run, i always end up overpaying a regretting it, lmao

I know, right! I have learned my lesson, and no longer do this. I also stopped doing the graded coins, too. Still, in my heart, I really want to do the kooks!!!! I think the best is to get any coin when they are first released. And it so happens that you get into it from the first year of release, then well and good. I started the Lunar 3 this year, and nevermind the past Lunars...forget the Lunar 1 and Lunar 2!
Finding our own way of stacking that best suits us is a process... and in between, there are some coins that we end up overpaying for. And I think we all go through that, @silvertackeruk.
Take care 🥰🌺🤙

Yes, my stacking has changed alot from i started. I used to buy everything and anything my eye liked the looks of, now i stack 90% for weight.

I might have a go at L3 myself and get the complete 2oz set :) and kooks are one of my fav's as well. Anything from the Perth mint is nice and they come in their own caps as well which is a big bonus for me.

and oh, i'v underpaid for plenty but which the recent silver price jump, im in the black :)

I know right. So when I do buy any of the PM coins, I consider the cost of the capsule before I jump to the conclusion that the premiums are so and so higher than this or that bullion coin that comes to me in a flip!
I like the US Constitutional silver because they are readily available here as well. It seemed like just a few years ago when you can but US silver half dollars a quarter over the spot price of the silver content. Nowadays they price them just like any 99% silver plus a premium of over a dollar or more. Stack on, my friend @silvertackeruk! I always enjoy talking to ya! 🥰🌺🤙

Pandas are nice coins even thought they are a little light. I have from 2014 - 2020 so far and will be trying to get a few of the older ones down the road.

The premium is too high for me on the older ones and there's a lot of fakes going about. Keep an eye out for seconds on bullion sites, you might just lucky and bag them for much much over spot :)

I learn a little more everyday. I was not aware that silver would tarnish, even in capsule. I can understand if it was handled etc with oils from skin.

You must be bored as fuk though!! 🤣

Yep, it can tarnish. That is correct about the oils on your skin. If can make a finger print for life by doing it on the back of a silver bar, lol.

Glad you have no milk spots, have you tried make a card tower using the holders.