3 years of STEEM silver rounds - Do you still have yours?

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Hello stackers, it's been a long time from I've been doing silver posts are even posting from my main account so maybe it's time to get back to the grind and start producing some silver posts again. I have been focusing my time on @spinvest for past year which was a lot of work but it's to the point now that others are producing content giving me days off and itchy fingers. I may not have posting about silver but i've still been stacking and have lots of new silver bullion coins to post about and review.

How to return after a long time off? STEEM silver rounds I think :)


For many of the OG stackers from back in the day, we'll all remember the idea of a STEEM silver round suggested by @sevinwilson and how we turned that awesome idea into buyers receiving the coins in around 13 weeks. The winning design was by @bearone, my design came in second place which was a bummer at the time but now i look at this coin and think this design is perfect for the first STEEM round. In fact it's my favourite design of all 3. It's just nice and simple like me.


The 2018 STEEM silver round was released early on in the year. I remember we did not leave much time between 17 & 18 rounds as we were all still high from crypto fever and steemit had many more focused users than it does today. This years winning design went to my man @welshstacker and i really like one. It's very easy on the eyes, and there is just something about it that feels timeless, plus! there's a hidden easter egg in the design which was a classy move on Welshy's part, there's a genius in there somewhere, lol. 2018 was also the year that @raybrockman took over from Matt and was the main man who did all the work with the mint, buying the silver (42.5kg of silver), hosting the website, taking delivery and reshipping to everyone. A massive task for any 1 man and impossible without him.


2019 was the last STEEM round to be released and i guess it will remain that way as most things have now moved over to HIVE. This year's design was by @edxserverus and again Ray took on all of the offline work that was required. 2019 was interesting because we had some problems with our main launching pre-sale post and after that, we struggled to sell enough oz' with Ray (i think) taking a personal $ hit. I think we got really close but compared to the other 2 years, selling these was hard during the height of the crypto bear market into a declining userbase. I still have a few of these ones for giving away but that's not for today post :)


Can a 2020 HIVE round happen?
I would like to say yes but I think no. First off, asking Ray to go through the grind again is maybe too much 4 years in a row. It's not easy needing to pre-sale $20k of silver when STEEM is worth 20 cents each. Im not sure if it's in the HIVE community to pull a project like this off at the minute with lower user numbers. There are committed users on the platform but it's more a numbers thing unless everyone is going to buy a tube of 20 rounds. The costs of a 2020 HIVE round would be more as we can't reuse the STEEM side of the round die, we would require a new HIVE die to be produced at a ballpark figure of $400-600. The price of silver has also increased much over the past year so more money, fewer ozs. A trio is nice also and leaving the STEEM round behind with steemit might be a nice ending.

I hope you enjoyed this post, im looking forward to uploading silver content 1-2 a week and getting back into it. Thanks for swinging by :)


I have all 3 of them!
Would love to see a 2020 Hive silver round! Maybe there are enough willing to buy a few? Silver price went up, but so the value of the coins!

It would all depend on doing enough pure sales to buy the silver required. Using a HE token could be a good addition to taking Paypal.

With the 1st 2 years, STEEM had a good $ value and lots of people paid in STEEM. 2019 was mostly people paying with fiat. I'd hate to miss out in 2020 to see the price of HIVE increase in 2021. Anyways,
its a lot of work for Ray and im not even sure if COVID will have created many problems for the process.

Thanks for checking out my post, long time :)

Maybe peg them with 10 HBD as well?


Thank you :)

Never knew there were silver Steemit rounds, so never had them either. But they are well designed and it was a pleasure to read this post. Keep writing ...

Yeah, these were a really great community project. We held a design contest and always had over 20 to pick from. The 2018 design was make using Microsoft paint!! That shows the dedication some people put into these coins.

I'd like to see a 2020 round but silver is high and the costs will be more than past years.

I plan to write 1 or 2 a week from this account. I've been posting about SPinvest for too long, lol

Great, looking forward to more posts from you. And happy for you that you now have some more time, and feel like writing your own content again besides only SPInvest.

It'll be nice going back to posting what i wonna :) I enjoy writing for SPinvest but sometimes is feels forced.


cool :)

Still got a bunch from all the years.

You remember the resale of them the first year. It's was madness, people paying an arm to get one.

Yeah they were coveted. I think I won my first one from Matt Clarke it 007. I won some good silver from 007

cool number :) did you get this number all 3 years

Nope all random numbers.

But of course! These are like commemorative silver to those of us here in this community!
Have a wonderful weekend, @silverstackeruk. Great to hear from you.

I seen a few sell on eBay before, i'll never sell mine either.

You too also ave a nice weekend, I've 2 weeks off work :)

Nor shall I sell mine, @silverstackeruk. These have more than the fiat I can ever get. It is priceless!

Well, i'd take $10k per round.

and mint more, baaaa-ahahahaha

WIll there be a 2020 one?

I have a few going back three years. Would love to see a hive one but it might have to wait a year until we rebuild the community and hope the prices rise a bit by then. At $2 hive i don't think you would have a problem rounding up the numbers but it would be extremely tough to get it done now.

you hit the nail on the head, when HIVE is worth more, it'll be much easier to pre-sale tokens.

I'm in the same headspace. Ray put in an incredible effort last time.
If he doesn't wear his undies over the top of his pants, he certainly deserves to.
I bought 100+ rounds in 2017 and fewer than 20 last year.
For me, and I'm sure many others; the silver rounds were a way to take some profits.
No profits = no rounds.

yea, you've hit nail on the head. Silver rounds used to cost only a few STEEM, now they would cost over 100 HIVE easy after factoring in needing 2 dies and of course, silver mooning :)

Realistically, we should be selling the coins to buy more Hive; but there's no way I'm doing that :)

I sold 180 oz's to do just that when STEEM was 50 cent. HIVE has gone down and silver has gone up. The HIVE airdrop has me almost break even in dollars :)

That falling knife hey? FWIW, If I'd waited another week to move my bitcoin into Steem I'd have twice as much.

Still have two complete sets of matching serial numbers.

oh yes, matching numbers.

i went stupid in 18 and 19 and bought about 10 matching numbers, lol. Its the trick to get you to buy more. lol

Yeh, this is a tough subject for me. I am heavily conflicted. A bought a bunch in 2017 and 2018 but STEEM was already wobbling pretty hard in 2019 and I wasn't a fan of the design so I didn't get any.

Now that STEEM is in the state it is, I think a STEEM Round for 2020 is out of the question. Maybe a HIVE round but then is that a new series? I certainly don't want to see anyone out of pocket, especially Ray and SGS on HIVE is still far from getting back to full strength. We've got a few months yet....

yea, i never really liked the 2019 design either to be honest. I would rank them in the order they were released.

It would deffo need to be the HIVE round but then the costs are more and like you, i saw the stress it could cause on Ray if pre-sales targets are not met. It's not a position i could put myself in. Like you said, we did the first one in 13 weeks and receiving in Jan 2021 would not be that much of a sacrifice.

I still love my 2017 STEEM silver round. STEEM was what got me started in the crypto space and even after all the Sun drama, I don't hate the brand.

The STEEM brand will always be a part of HIVE and when it comes down to it, I just see HIVE as just an evolution of STEEM. We're the true fork if you will.

If a HIVE silver round is created, I'll definitely be putting an order in.

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There seems to be support for this and there re still 4 months in the year :)

I was late to the game so I only managed to get the 2018, the 2019 was sold out and the 2017 was not able to be acquired at the time. I do like the 2017 design as it outlines the progression of the steem token. I was only a part of steem in the last 7 months of it before the Hive fork came into play. But I do see the collector value in these coins as they are low mintage and hard to get. I would love to see a 2020 Hive round created and I would hope there would be enough people to make it happen.

Judging by the comments here, there might be some support for it. I've not posted for months see it great to get so much feedback from my returning post :)

I had a friend named @silverstackeruk years ago...

Lol. Welcome back buddy!.

Hey Bro, was playing with your kit kat silver bar the other week :) Still looks awesome, new tarnish

Im back but not as hardcore as last time. Just 1 are 2 a week.

How have things been for you my friend?

I think that bar is one of my favorites I've made. It had nice "hand feel". I need to try and recreate that style.

I've put into a picture on my new post. It's really nice in hand, like perfect fit.

That's sad @silverstackeruk I had just mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was hoping for a Hive silver round. I usually stick to low spot plus premium silver but I would be in for a Hive silver round!!

It could still happen. I just knew that we'd need to have 2 new dies made instead of one. COVID as put a lot of people in a bad place and HIVE at 25 cent does not help either. The first 2 years, you could buy a STEEM round for 13-14 STEEM each, today the cost would be around 120 HIVE.

But...............if there was there and Ray was down, i'd like a 2020 HIVE round :)

Me as well my friend, I didn't know that the dies were so expensive!! Cross your fingers!!

I bought a lot of the 2018 design, I really liked it and thought that who ever designed it is probably incredibly handsome and is also well-hung. Now for some strange reason I don't have as many 2018 rounds as I actually bought, ohh I remember why, some scum bag stole my delivery!!

I wrote about the possibility of a 4th round just over a month ago:

It got a few comments and I think the general feeling is that we could shift a few hundred, but nowhere near 1500 again.

That was bummer man. I'd have outside the post in protest until i got my silver coins.

What a fooking time to lose a parcel (are have it stolen, should i say)

I still have them all! I think I remember something about the possibility of the thought of a hand-poured something for hive. Mabie it was a comment on a Whelshy post or something. I would be up for ten ounces.

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i have a feeling Ray is toying with the idea :)

Last time I bought 10 steem rounds and of course still have them. Welcome back. We have some real ladies in the SGS her on hive and some twenty new members. Also form Europe (Axeman from Lithuania, Safisara Sweden some German guys and one French and the rest US as always. ) Some post about silver occasionally via Leofinance (a professionally run front end prograam about finance in general)

yea, you should hold on. I have given a few away but never sold any

i know who everyone is :)

I paid you for one last year. What happened with that?