Silver Bullet Silver Shield - Which ones do you have?

Hello stackers, do you all remember the Silver bullet, Silver shield series that was really popular a few years back? I am not too sure if they are still producing coins, last I heard was a few years back they were doing some really nice mini mintages and selling them weekly. Being from the UK, it was always hard to get any of these and the premium was always way too much but I still got a few at good prices.

Sadly, since I bought these a few years back, they have milked up. I am a little bummed out because they have been in anti-tarnish quadrum capsules the whole time. 15 year anti-tarnish my arse, anyways the square capsules look awesome looking and store away nicely.


This is the first one I bought, it's a 2013 Slave Queen. I think this is the first one but im not 100% about that. She's milked up pretty bad but whatever, t's 7 years old and it's probably been handled before. This is not a reseller so the spots don't really bother me that much, the coin itself is still in great condition.


Next, I bought a Freedom Girl. Another milky one but it's a very nice design and one of their most popular sellers. This is the 2015 so maybe the 3rd year from release. The picture itself makes the coin look worse than it really is, the filters sort of highlight the milky which is good for inspecting but bad to sharing pictures.


Everyone that knows me will know I enjoy a smoke from time to time so having the leaf coin was a must for me and as soon as I saw it for sell at my bullion dealer, ordered one. I've just remembered this minute, I ordered the 2015 and they sent me 2016. When I emailed to tell them, they offered me a 2 euro code are something. I never replied to claim, I was pissed.


Last but not least is the classic silver bull. This was a last-minute treat coin I got for myself. I like this design because it's solid and is an instant classic design.


I've actually just had a quick look at their website and they are still going strong. Some of the designs im seeing is crazy, I really wish I could get more of these but shipping from the states to the UK and 20% vat they are the way too expensive for me to buy.

What do you think of the SBSS bullion series?

Do you have any?


Yes, I like the messages that Chris Duane puts on his rare and collectable, Silver Shield Rounds. Thanks for showing, Silverstackeruk.

Well now I want to dig out my Freedom Girl to see if she spotted!

I always like the look of these coins, but am not always into the messages they promote. So I only have a couple.

I think there is something in the air over here that's milk's my coins, lol.

Yeah, Freedom girl is one of there best sellers i think. Really nice and simple design :)

I have a bunch of the originals in proofs. All are still perfect, some of the BU ones i sold because they were showing signs of spotting. I haven’t had any issues with the newer ones in proof or BU though

The old ones are way better :) Im used to milk spots now, when i see them on coins that before were ok, i sorta just roll my eyes now, lol.

Im not tight assed to pay for a proof version, lol.

That is another reason that I just go for weight and lower premiums, With my luck everything will do that sooner or later!

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I notice the longer the stack, the more i stack for weight over nicer designs. Im pretty boring now, 95% brits and 5% treats :)

I have a 2 oz silver bullet

2 ozers are really nice in hand. You deffo made a good buy there as 2 ozer's also carry a good premium as well :)

I love the old sbss stuff. Especially Freedom Girl

I wonder when they started? he oldest one i have is 2013

I love the Freedom Girl the most! Thanks for sharing your SBSS silver rounds, @silvertackeruk. 🥰🌺🤙

Yea, i9ts nice and simple design. It's one my fav's as well

I specifically like the 2013 Freedom Girl, because that is when it first came out. And I also have the Freedom Girl in fractionals. I think that I should show it here on Hive, and dedicate that article to you, my friend @silvertackeruk. 🥰🌺🤙

I loaded up on a boat load of these silver rounds of the Old School Silver Bullet Silver shield, then I was new to Stacking and adored many of the designs and a Proof Sic Semper Tyrannus round is my favorite of that generation of silver. And I think many of the newer Silver Shield are just awesome.

I wish i had more but way to expensive for me get. The weekly min mintage produces some awesome looking coins. Oh, a proof? i dont have one of those. Mine would prob milk anyway, lol.

In fact I will post up both my 2013 Proof and 2015 BU Sic Semper Tyrannis for #silverpornsaturday



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