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We have been working on a project to onboard the WallStreetBets community to HIVE. We have created this frontend: It is linked to a Hive Community, and it's very similar to There will be improvements in the future, but now we have wanted something ready for the WSB community.

The goal of the initiative is to populate this community with #wallstreetbets related content. Crypto, stocks, investments are all welcome topics here.

Here are some points to take into consideration if you want to participate.

  • Visit and log in with your Hive account. You can use Hive Keychain or HiveSigner.
  • Explore the community, like, share and comment on the posts that you find interesting.
  • Create #wallstreetbets related content on this site ( Click on the pencil icon on the top right corner to make a post.
  • Share your posts on Twitter, Reddit, and other social media sites.
  • On the footer of your post, add this: "Published using".

If you follow all these points, your post will be eligible for an upvote from my account.

Posting through this site will publish your article on this community, so it is not needed to use a particular tag. If you are new and wonder how can WallStreetBets benefit from HIVE, I invite you to read this post. Create a free Hive account here.

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I claimed accounts at the time under the names
@wsbmod and @wsbchairman if you do convince them to get started.

I did it to protect the names and would be happy to hand over those accounts if they wanted to join hive and sent a message to me.

Would be great to get them over here, especially with rising prices.

Let’s go

Hope you guys succeed with this; would be all time.

Roger that champ! Let's go!

Hi Dan and the @threespeak team!

I'm just popping in your comments to let you know that I have just cast my witness vote for the @threespeak witness with each of the 3 accounts I manage: @wil.metcalfe @adventureready @beachready.

Dan... I greatly respect the amount of skin you have in the game here on the Hive Blockchain. As well... listening to you share your vision for Hive and ThreeSpeak has really inspired me to up my game here on Hive as well.

I think your mind and all that comes from it is just what this blockchain needs to go to the next level!

Keep on doing what you do. (and while you do that... I'm going to continue reading your book: XFORMATIONDAN. So far I'm hooked! 🤓)

I am glad to see my WSB people from reddit and discord here on Hive, hope to see many more join us here :)

That's great!

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All got to do are part and hold the line

Great idea, you are always on top of it and bringing value to Hive!

unpopular opinion I'm sure. But wouldn't wall street bets simply be a pump and dump system which many of us dislike?

Hopefully, WSB are not typical pump and dumpers. I genuinely believe they are speaking out value opportunities in the market for the little guy. They found one in CME and the system changed the rules on them. They were censored on several platforms also. A solid use case for them to benefit from hive. If they pump and dump and are wholly unethical, I am sure hive will reward them as the community sees fit to reward them. Something about hive And the fact it’s on an immutable block chain changes the behaviour of most. Let’s c what happens with WSB. Although I appreciate ur concerns and hope they don’t just want to use this as an opportunity to do unethical things. It is unlikely they will c it that way tho (imo) and will make use of hive how it was intended

Big up too WBS and Big up too everyone on Hive

Hive To the Moon!!!

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I love this initiative, it is a very relevant topic nowadays.

That's an amazing initiative, well done. will be hard to onboard them but if one of their leaders finds that gem it is massive. That's the type of asymetric bets we should take

A wall street bets tribe would be great, those boys on here would be great to see. Its very symbolic of the whole movement going on right now. People power, anarchists, traders, capitalists, disruption and trolling. The world needs a giant troll box more than ever. Personally the worst thing that happened to Poloniex was getting rid of the troll box, its something i greatly miss, Bitmex is the only one keeping it real. Infact Leo finance should integrate a troll box, youtube has it, its one of the best things about creating a community vibe. It would instantly set this place apart and be engaging for the people coming here for the first time and make it look and feel alive. No mods no censorship, people will live on here.

would be great for hive

There's always something new on Hive, this is what makes it so interesting.


This is a great initiative, but I see there are two groups - one from the reddit and @WSBChairman who claim to beNot associated with r/WallStreetBets. So which group we are building this for ? I shared the post of taskmaster to @WSBChairman though.

@theycallmedan already do that caps on community and share to my Twitter account! Lets bring this guys into Hive 🔥


Nice wsb is really growing into something good I can't wait to see what they have in store for rolls royce I've been in them since the drop

good job!

Great idea at the right time, I will join in! Are there any special tags you should use?

We need to reach them directly - That's Why it's a shame you haven't recovered your acc on Twitter.

Regardless, nice work!

#wallstreetbets estupendo vamos/ Let’s go @theycallmedan

This is certainly very interesting, my hobby is reading about crypto stocks. I love seeing the movement of coins in markets like Binance

Great initiative!

Let's do it

Greetings earthlings. there is my participation:



Can we set up lite accounts (like Leo) so they can log in with their reddit account ?

Greetings, incorporating the WallStreetBets community to HIVE. / This project will be very interesting. I estimate it will be very successful. I also wish them to you. Thank you for always visiting me in my publications about Yoga. The evaluations you make of my work are very motivating. Successes friend.

It will be a huge flop.

Abrazos. Thank you.

Apparently there is a huge downvote list targeting smaller accounts.

So looks like we should form an anti fakewsb group. And well why not see where our collective support gets us.

Tired of this bully behavior. It's pretty and not needed. Showing the world the real heart of these people.

Some are great. The idea of it I do support. And the groups of people affecting change is amazing.

But this? Lol man at least I found you and we can be friends and support eachother through this world and change time.

Headed to your account to check it out!

all in :)

I stead of supporting the community for supporting the WSB group I get flagged? Wow. What a joke.

And toxic. All the behavior from this group and such? I'll unsubscribe and depart.

Man I'd rather trust a rattlesnake than this group of back stabbing greed oriented idiots.

And the real WSB group I can only imagine how they feel after what I seen scrolling through this group.

Shrug. Was a great idea. And maybe a way to get more users on here.

But it's backfired. Ha!

Anyways another toxic group to avoid. Unfortunately.

I got other things to do with my life.

Interesting initiative that deserves our support and promotion. Excellent. I'm going there. A great greeting.

I think Hive might be to much work for the retards. Hive can be a frustrating and complicated platform. Hope this works out though. Also they don't seem to concern themselves much with crypto. I got banned for making crypto related comments on post.

We need a CALL to ACTION!

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This is interesting information! Thank you sir @theycallmedan. I will digest all, and want to join the community that you mean above. Regards.

Thanks for always giving an Upvote,I appreciate.

Hey buddy! I have no latest news from you?

Hi, I highly respect youre work and wanne cut straight to the case, Is there a way to create a comunity frontend and admin it? Thinking of dblog style, easy to use sort of thing.

And congrates on becoming a father 🍀

!BEER and cigars 🍻

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I don't understand why those people came here to spam #leofinance, they rather joing the empire of war community has they just declared war on lf.... imho.

Looks Good, bookmarked - Wow!!!!! 👀 👍