Communities I have created

in Community Announcelast year (edited)

Following @themarkymark's example and in his new

Community Announce

community I am letting people know about the communities that I have created hoping to get some exposure for the communities I have created and wish to see grow .

Learning Python

Please come share and learn about new programmers and their experiences learning to program in Python.

Let's all have fun and be helpful to each other.

Raspberry Pi

Information and projects using the Raspberry Pi computer.

I have always been looking for a place to go for posts and community around the Raspberry Pi computer, now we have one. This will be interesting to see how I can learn how to get the word out.

Ham Radio

Here I hope we can share how we are having fun and possibly helping others while involved in Ham Radio activities.


I clicked on the link to the Ham Radio community but it takes me to trending Community Announce. I also don't see it in the explore communities section.

I am a licensed amateur radio operator and my call sign is W3DTV. I would like to join.

OOPS, thanks. I have fixed the post links. Here is the link to the community:

Randy VE3YRG

Very great, I really like the idea you gave me, sir, this is a very useful post and you made a very extraordinary community, thank you, sir, for your hard work for us.

I really like the sense of community here on STEEM and decided to jump on the bandwagon and create some of my own.

Very Good, good luck, I really support it