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Today as soon as I woke up from my bed, I read an article from @r1s2g3 about this game. The first thing that attracted me was the UI of this game. Look at the below screenshot, it is amazing to see such a UI in the game. For a browser-based game, I guess this is a great UI. UX designers have done an excellent job.

This game is called Crypto Brew Master and is just brand new on Hive blockchain. Though I play many games on Hive and don't have enough time to play games on Hive, I wanted to check this out because of the graphics. The UI looks decent on the web but needs some tweaking on mobile devices.


Game concept

In simple words, this can be called a Pub tycoon game where we have a beer factory with us and we brew with the ingredients. The game is free to play and we are provided with enough ingredients to start off with the game. As soon as we log in, we are directed to the home page screen which looks like the above image, and to the top right corner, there will be a mailbox that needs to be clicked. The mailbox will have a message that gives us a promo code that will have enough ingredients to get started. We can claim them.


There are also internal shops available where we can purchase these ingredients that are required to produce Beer in the Beer factory. I received the below by claiming the rewards. I did not understand enough about these ingredients as I'm not used to Brew and I'm not even a beer drinker. But excited by the UI, I wanted to try this game. Maybe, in the long run, I would learn more about Brewing, or I might end up as if this game is not for me.



Like I mentioned above the gameplay is to produce Beer. I navigated to BrewHouse which is the beer factory and I found an option to produce European Lager. I had to manually add all the ingredients one by one and start the brewing process. It looks like the process would take 8 hours to complete. There is nothing else to do here in the Brewhouse than waiting for the next 8 hours to start with next brewing.


Here is the most interesting part of the game which is the Pub. It looks super cool. From the window of the pub, we can have a look at our Brewery. The design is excellent. Right now we are able to see so many options in the pub coming soon. Once all these are added, I guess, this game will become one of the most interesting games on Hive. Right now there are a few options on Pub enabled.


There was this Bulletin board option in the Pub that allows us to get some items by doing a task every day. I suppose these ingredients can then be used in our Beer Factory. There is a timer against each task here and when we start it also consumes some energy. I'm not sure how we will recover energy in the game or maybe it will reset every day. I'm not fully sure. But I already completed two tasks and the third one is going on.


The items we get in the game are available in our backpack. There is a small image at the bottom right of the screen that looks like a bag. I suppose that is our inventory to show what items we currently have. I currently have some more items in the inventory that I guess would be helpful in production in the Beer factory after the current production is done.


The game is still in the starting stage and it will take some more time for the game to improve. The team has done a decent job so far and the good thing about this game is that we can get onboarded without any investment and start producing BEER. This virtualization of the Pub and Beer factory is something that is a good concept and in the long run it will evolve to become a good game on Hive. Let us hope for the best.

Investment opportunity

There is a small investment opportunity in this game. You can check @cryptobrewmaster's posts for more details. Many people have already started investing. I'm not sure to what extent I would be able to invest here but if the game becomes interesting, I would consider investing a little. I already invested a lot in dCity game so this should wait for some more time. Good thing is to see many new games emerging on top of Hive making it interesting for the community members showcasing that content writing is not the only way to earn here.

If you wish to get started with the game, you can take my referral link. The game is clearly in the Alpha stage and I'm not even sure what benefits we would get from the referrals. But ya no harm in checking it out.

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I know this from @trumpman. Definitely looking like something I'd play.

Great. Go for it. So far good for me. Hope it turns out to be an interesting game. 😀

The options are still limited!

Yes for the past two days I have been completing tasks and making some beer in the factory. I then sell them inside the pub. Don't know what else to do. 😀

I have not checked mine again. I wonder what's up with my pub now.

I might as well get bored in a day or two unless they bring some new updates. 😀

It's nice to see a decent use for the BEER token being created. I was always hoping to see something interesting come from the creation of that token.

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we are actually not the same owners with Beer token but are partners in some directions

Mqkes sence hahahah

Hey @rollie1212, here is a little bit of BEER from @sandymeyer for you. Enjoy it!

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Ya it already has a little usecase in dCity game but now it is good to see an exclusive usecase in the form of a unique game. Let's see how it goes. 😀

The graphics is really dope and for beer drinkers the inking they need to navigate through the game will be kind of easy but any non-alcoholic person can still learn how to play and brew too, lol. Nice review.

Thanks bro. Yes the graphics is amazing so far. I'm a non-alcoholic person and everything here is going to be Greek and Latin for me. But ya let's see how it goes. 😀

This is great I will try this soon as I will reach home 👍⁦✌️⁩

Arey bhai where are you going out during lockdown. 😉

bade bhai I was at my office at that time, here all the office and markets are open. Its seems like everything is all right. don't worry 🤷🙇

all the offices been opned from 3rd of may.

Oh, that's nice. Then okay. But still, stay safe bro. 🙂

Lol yet another game? Ok I will try your link

Cool 👍

Game are thriving in Hive. I really like to see the concept "business promoting the game" and "game promoting the business" in Hive.

Yes, that's a nice concept, it is not just the tycoon but it is backed by a real business behind. That is definitely an interesting concept. 😀

@bala41288 ❤️Thanks for a kind mention and a cool review!! Enjoy your stay and don't forget to connect to us with a discord and maybe cast us a witness vote!

Cool. Thank you so much. I'm already part of your discord. Cheers!

Hoping to see more updates in the game soon. 🙂

interesting game..

Yep it is. 🙂

Oh I think I need to check back, cheers!


Cool. Thanks for the BEER 🙂

Hey @bala41288, here is a little bit of BEER from @revisesociology for you. Enjoy it!

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Looks interesting. I remember the zombie games interface looking at it 😆
Will try and will let u know it it's for me 😊
Thanks for sharing sir 👍

Cool great. Do check out. Ya, I agree that not all the games are for everyone. We have to find our niche.

Okay, I’ll check it out

Cool 👍