Exploding Dwarf is a pissed off kamikaze

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When it comes to pure and unadulterated badassness, there are few cards that even come close to this volatile dwarf. One look at its face, and you can tell that it is in for a fight and if you touch it, best be prepared for an explosive reaction.

Edition: REWARD
Rarity: COMMON
Element: FIRE
ABILITIES: Blast at level 1; Piercing at level 3; Retaliate at level 6; Trample at level 9

Sometimes I see the qualities of this card and I really can't believe that it is a common monster. Yeah, it usually has low health but other than that tiny issue, it truly is a beast of a card. It featured a tiny bit in this battle, like the kamikaze bomber that it is and here's how the battle went.

https://3speak.co/watch?v=belemo/upthrcqtLink to battle

The Summoner

Picking a summoner was pretty straight forward for me. The pan is to ensure that my blasting tank hits as quick as possible, due to its fragility, so I went with speed over power.

Pyre is also my most advanced fire summoner, so it enables me to use all my fire monsters at their best potential.

Suicide Tank

Ah yes, the star of the day and our very own kamikaze pilot. It did its job and died a heroes death. Shields were down, so it made a bigger splash in terms of damage. Couldn't have asked for more from this brutish monster.

The Real Tank

Next up, we have the real tank who was placed right behind the kamikaze pilot. In reality, it was always meant to be the tank for this battle but I places it behind the bomber man to do damage to already weakened foe.

Lethal Worm

Listen, whenever you're in a battle where shields are down, make sure you use this hard-hitting sandworm. At higher levels, it has even more speed, combined to its lethal melee strike ensured that the opponent stood no chance of surviving too many hits.

Speedy Devil

For a rare monster, I find the flame imp to be yet another very impressive card. At level 5, the monster boosts speed and offers +2 magic damage on the opponent. It is one of the main reasons I like using monsters in fire pack and it was very useful today as well.

So Thorny

Wherever there's thorns and shield, look closer, there's probably a Thorny naga wizard. This wizard offers up to +3 damage to the opponent and is steely and thorny in case it gets hit.

Piercing Arrows

Last and certainly not the least, we have the spearman with armour piercing spears of destruction. It didn't get to employ its armour piercing ability but that only means that all this wicked damage went straight to the health.

It worked out

Well, yeah, it did but that was only at the end of the battle. My Naga wizard was already at the fore front of the battle and one more hit would have most likely taken it out of the battle. If my opponent fielded a bit more magic or melee users in this battle, things might have gone down differently as well.

Get In The Game

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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Well done on the battlefield.
Working out is what matters, I guess.
Keep on battling.