STARPRO is my new addiction! There goes my Starbits 🤣

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Hello NoLifers!
Saturday Night Games!!

Busy but always keep the Saturdays for games!
Today there's a vlog to compensate for my absence last Saturday, enjoy!

Forgive me my scary mic bumps...I talk a lot with my hands I don't know why lol and I bump on the desk and my mic is very sensitive as you will listen...

Rising Star


With the new STARPRO feature, it will be difficult to gather Starbits now...thank you @risingstargame lolol but it's pretty cool thank you for real 😋

Jan 3%April 18%
Goal - LVL 100LVL 6363%LVL 8989%



During the week we had the end of the season and I missed reaching Silver II, but can't complain about the loot I got :)

Jan 3%April 18%
Goal - 70000 Power15905 Power22,72%46195 Power65,99%



I opened 13 random cards! And was a nice haul!
Getting info from @dcity Discord:



(population, income, popularity)

Jan 3%April 18%
Goal - +8000 SIM+999 SIM12,49%+3260 SIM40,75%

And that's about it!


How're your NoLifer Goals so far?

Happy Saturday!

Thank you so much for watching and reading!



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Glad you are enjoying the new Music Promoter feature and sorry you are spending so many STARBITS (you're welcome! 😜).
Just to confirm, no, the player running the missions doesn't get an additional reward if you are promoting them. As in real life the promoters make most of the money! :P

Cheers and rock on \m/

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ahaha Thank you so much for your comment!

I was wondering out loud when doing the vlog but yeah that makes sense when you try to make the game the closest to reality possible lol

The game is getting better and better and I'm happy that I didn't give up at the beginning when it was boring with the small missions, but if we want to pursue this lifestyle and reach the stars we need to keep going :p

Thank you for your hard work!


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lol, still putting me to shame on rising star. I've caught wind of two new games gearing up for launch on Hive excited about those!

I do know about one game but two??
I have to hide myself from games or I will never finish work ahahah
Risingstar is so idle for me right now that I can easily click and go hence progressing more there than the other games lol
But I might end up not progress on that one either if I start to check on those new games!
No no no...I can't!
The addiction...the struggle 🤣🤣


Yep I love the passive type games a few 3 clicks every 20 minutes or so is easy and I've always been addicted to those Idle miner type games on my phone. So earning crypto on it instead Count Me In! lol

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