Saturday Night Full of Summoners and Badgers (who's hoarding the best cards??)!

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Hello NoLifers!
Saturday Night Games!!

Busy but always keep the Saturdays for games!
Enjoy the video, there are a couple of hauls this time!

Rising Star


It will be tricky to gather Starbits for cards but I'll try from now on lol

Jan 3%April 124%
Goal - LVL 100LVL 6363%LVL 9090%



Got a few Hive this week for some Packs!
Check the video for the haul :)

Jan 3%April 24%
Goal - 70000 Power15905 Power22,72%46975 Power67,11%



I opened 13 random cards! And was a nice haul!
Getting info from @dcity Discord:



(population, income, popularity)

Jan 3%April 24%
Goal - +8000 SIM+999 SIM12,49%+3419 SIM42,74%

And that's about it!


How're your NoLifer Goals so far?

Happy Saturday!

Thank you so much for watching and reading!



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What no new games yet? Stop outbidding me in music promoter lol just messin.
You must have some killer fan card pages to have that many! Just pushing 2k myself so I can finally do the next tier missions. Trying to figure out the best way to do more missions faster but it seems pretty locked.

If I outbid you...Sorry, not sorry! In showbiz, there's no friends ahaha ❤
I got lucky with a lot of fans at the beginning to a point to selling cards lol and been giving away some!
I can send ya a card to compensate for the outbidding 😝


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Lol about the farming games. I guess you could say Hash Kings for farming weed but it has some bugs so I can't water my plants.

Was a good call to stay on the fence and just watching for now then!
It's normal to happen some bumps on a launch, let's give them some time to get it working I guess.


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You should not work all the time, it makes a person very bored and tired of working. Playing makes a person relax.

That's true, that's why I do this once a week :)


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