dCity Investments - 3rd edition update - put citizens in buildings for better rewards

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As the 3rd edition for dcity is right around the corner, it is time to share another great new feature with you that will be available in game soon. It is the game function called: Load. In short, you can put certain citizen cards into some building cards to get better or different rewards.

Put those criminals in prison!

Yes, finally there is a use case for these annoying criminals, that ruin the popularity of your dcity. As standard the prison is not a very nice building. It has 1 income, -10 popularity and needs 30 workers. However, you can put up to 50 Criminals in prison and each of them will add 1 income. So a full prison will produce 51 SIM income and the negative effect of the criminals on your dcity will be removed when they are put the Prison.

A Warehouse full of Dust

Dust is something that most players will not have come accross in dcity before. I believe it was a failed experiment that was stopped shortly after the game launched. But now one of the combined buildings produces Dust and you can store that Dust in your Warehouse. Again, by itself a Warehouse is not really special. It has only 1 income, 5 popularity and requires 15 workers. However if you put Dust in it, then each Dust card increases the income by 1, so with a max of 50 Dust the income of your Warehouse becomes 51 SIM.

SpaceSIM will need your Scientists

The SpaceSIM Company card will have use for your Scientists, which is a bit of a double edged sword. You will loose the Education from the Scientists, but each Scientist will add 1 income. As the SpaceSIM Company has 5 SIM income as standard, this means that the max income from 50 Scientists is 55 SIM.

The Construction Company is recruiting Hard Workers

As standard this building comes with a 10 SIM income, but it can put 20 Hard Workers to good use. Each of those will increase the income by 2, so at max capacity the Construction Company will produce 50 SIM. It also has 10 Popularity and needs 30 Population to work.

Let’s give those Artists a job in the Ad Agency

Each Artist that is added to the Ad Agency increase the income by 0,2 SIM, with a max capacity of 10. This is because, while the other buildings are quite rare. The Ad Agency is not. This will provide a nice sink for the Artists that are trained or mined from events. It will increase the income from the Ad Agency from 9 to 11, which is nice.


With each of these buildings you loose the effect the citizen cards have on your dcity, but you get some nice SIM income in return. I think that in each case the sum is greater than its parts.

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These additions sound interesting. It may take me a bit to take advantage of them, though.

I think Gerber wanted to create some things that would be interesting for the big dcities as well. For smaller dcities it will take more time, but that is ok and it will give you some targets to go for.

With the number of people that have large dCities, that would probably be the best way to bring some much needed interest (and potentially capital) back to the game. That makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

Yes, it does indeed

And, hopefully, by increasing interest for those with larger dCities, it will benefit the entire ecosystem and have a favorable impact on the astronomical taxes we have seen of late. Personally, I don't foresee that have as much affect as people are predicting, but I hope I am wrong.
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Command accepted!

True, I think that the top 50 will be able to do all these things within the first month or so. After that they can go back to dumping sim on the market.

Although there will be more factors limiting sim income and the consumables for removing disaster effects on your dcity is a good idea. It would be good if more sinks would be created to stabilize the price.

Not that Gerber isn’t working on that already. He has improved a lot of things, but as dcity is so ridiculously profitable things got out of hand a bit.

I for one will be looking to take profit at the start of the next edition. I’ll go for the new content when prizes settle a bit.

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The new cards are really interesting.

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True, the game is getting s lot more complex. I can see a lot of interesting strategies.

For instance a dcity set up for maximum criminal ‘mining’ or dust farming.