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Hello everyone,
Here I come back with another Pubg random gameplay video. This time, I played on a new map. This map is very cool, the graphics are quite good as it is still in beta mode. I am expecting this will be better in the upcoming days. This map specialty is fast gaming and more engagement with enemies. It takes less time to consider other classic maps. I think this is a perfect map for them for those who love a short time but full excitement.

This map is tiny, as the game officials wanted to give more fighting experience with a short time. Only 15 minutes take to complete a match on this map. One thing I like about this map is the marvelous color combination. Also, mesmerizing weather will drive you crazy, snowfall, spring flowers, and the hill together; it's a great mixture of weather, I must say. Actually, I love the combination.

The battle is between 52 players and 13 squads, there is all about gunfighting. At the beginning of the match, all players only look for weapons and go for the fight. In this map, most places are considered the hot drop, but people love to drop two specific areas: Powerplant and Maidstone. I specially choose these places as my own favorite drop location. Usually, 3-4 squads will drop in these locations and try to survive here until all enemies are cleared.

In this gameplay, you will see the powerplant's battle and move to the map center. The main twist is to find your enemy and kill them. This map drop plays an important part as everyone will go for the drop; this is a trap, and enemies will come and have to pay a prize. It's quite natural that some players will guard the drop rather than looting and attack the enemies when others come to loot the drop.

The most important part of this map is that you will not bore as you have to continually engage with enemies. It will give you excitement and thrill, which is the best thing in any action gaming. Enjoyed it a lot when I first played this mode. That's all for today; enjoy the gameplay.

Thanks for reading and getting here, see you in the next post. You can give me feedback by commenting below. Your feedback will be an inspiration for me. If you haven't joined the Splinterlands yet, you can Here.

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