Dcity - Fighting Top 300 Position (My Progress)

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Its been almost exactly one month when I posted about my plan of going all in on dCity. Post here Now I would like to look at where I am in the game and how I plan to proceed.

Before and Now

A month Ago My dCity

In less than a month I almost doubled my SIM production and was able to get into the top 400 players to earn dCity daily rewards. What I have noticed though is the top 300 is much more competitive than around top 400.


Between where I am ranked presently to whom is at 300th there is less than 200 difference in population. The tight numbers is leading to a tug of war back and forth for me to hold up above 300.

No Longer Balance

My original plan was to invest a large sum of Hive in hopes to get a big ROI back in a short period of time, however things changed since I started playing. SIM price has dropped more than 20% from its parity of 0.005 Hive per SIM.


The price of SIM is dropping faster than in past weeks and there is no end in sight. The hope now is 3rd edition cards news or introduction of it will come soon to produce more excitement back into the game. I am now deeply invested into the game so hoping the same.

The hardest element I have to deal with since playing the game is to avoid investing daily into the game. The battle in ranking is not helping. I have continually invested all my SIM back into the city to continue growing it. I have been doing this almost daily and there seems to be no end in sight. In addition I have added more Hive into my city to continue to race to a higher ranking. I guess as this is a game I should understand that I am paying for the entertainment and experience more than a return on investment. However I was not planning to have put in this much Hive into the game this quickly.

The going all in part about a month ago now appears to me FOMOing for the game as I literally put over a thousands Hives into the game. I hope I can plan some sort of way out to recoup at least some of what I put in if not all since I am not playing dCity as much right now. The city is running on its own pretty efficiently and when I do check in I basically look at market prices for cards and make sure my unemployment is as low as possible.

I know right now I am not playing my Hive games balanced well right now. This is because I have invested most if not all into dCity while I play more in other games such as Splinterlands and Rising Stars. I am now rethinking that games I play more should be the ones where I invest more in. That way I get a better experience out of the gameplay. Not necessary looking for best return on my investment.

Also my original plan of investment into dCity has been reached and I should planned to collect SIM to earn a better return. My hope is to obtain 10k in Hive Power by end of the year and I should approach it by obtaining a return in dCity now. Yet so addicted to buying cards its almost impossible to stop lol.


My city has grown a decent amount for the past month and its time to plan on what to do next. As of now I plan to continue reinvesting my SIM into the game, but daily Hive reward earnings will be allocated to something else. I do not earn a ton of daily hives in ranking so in time I may have to rethink this out, but for now if I can hold out in top 300 with only using my daily SIM rewards I would be happy to take that.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!



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You are doing better than me in the grind for top 300

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Probably because I waste more hive than you. Been buying cards even as prices continue to fall. Hoping the bleeding stops soon but I feel like I am in a losing here as it’s been two weeks of endless lower daily prices.