Splinterlands - @clove71 Gave Me a Free Land Plot!

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@clove71 one of the first players of Splinterlands and very active Splinterlands curator on multiple social media platforms such as discord, splintertalk.io, and twitter recently gave me some DEC for free. Out of nowhere for free! The other day I was just randomly curating SPT posts in hopes to earn a little SPT token and when I saw her post as usual gave her an upvote and made a comment. Next thing you know she gives me 2,000 DEC and tells me to go buy myself some game quest potions. I went and bought a quest potion but since she gave me 2,000 I decided to also also get a mystery potion. Her luck spread through the DEC she gave me because today when I opened my mystery potion I earned a Plot!


One Bunch of Tight Group of Players in Splinterlands

Since the beginning of my adventures in Splinterlands I have found more helpful players than any game I ever played. Helpful not only in the game but in Hive ecosystem as well. I am so grateful for the Plot of land since this is actually my first. I have been holding off purchasing Plots because I was spending it way to quickly on other stuff such as Splinterland cards and other NFT game cards.

I am so happy that my patience paid off. Little did I expect to get a Plot this early since the promotions were very popular a few weeks back. I was going to wait and see how the Land expansion perform before I invest in them. But to get one of the best deal, a free Plot, heck I'll take that any day.

For follower who have yet to play Splinterlands check out link below and for those who are active please play on. The game is only getting better each day not only in the game but outside in life as well. So cool. Again thank you @clove71. Amazing as always.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

I have plenty of other cards for rent! Just go on peakmonsters and check out the market place and if you are curious what I offer here is a link:

mawit07 rentals

If You have yet to take part in playing this great game called Splinterlands please click on my referral link. It is free but in order to earn real assets such as cards and token you would have to invest in a starter deck or purchase game cards. Join the discord to learn more. Good luck!



well that's pretty awesome

i have a bunch of SPT - i should figure out how to use it

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Check out LeoDex.io and once signed on find “rewards link” there it shows you voting power for all the secondary tokens you have stake and able to upvote and earn.

awesome - thanks

i see my SPT vote power at 97% so some of it getting used

does that work on votes through leofinance - or should i go to hive/peakd for the token votes to work ??

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It works on any platform as long as the post has the tag related to the tribe. So for Leo you need to find posts with tag leofinance in them and upvote to use you Leo voting power.

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YESSS!!!!! This is what I am talking about!! NICE JOB!!!! An upvote is on the way from Splinterlands!

Congrats on the land plot!!! Nice work!!! ~@clove71

I bought one plot but still don’t understand how to use it. I haven’t been playing as much as I like to of late but still play. I originally started playing back in the end of 2017.

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And @clove71 is great she helped me in the past by giving me some cards.

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That is great! @clove71 is a true gem among the @splinterlands world. It's nice to see the support we all give each other here in the gaming land. :)

I wish you much luck! I just started doing videos for the game & looking for people to shout out so I will keep you in mind. Keep up the great posts! :)


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