Splinterlands - My Fondness to Dragon Splinter (Weekly Post)

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The only splinter that can be mixed with either neutral or other splinters when used in a match is the dragon splinter. Over the course of playing Splinterlands I have grown fond of using the dragon splinter in many ways. For one the splinter has some of the most strongest attacking monsters in the game Then it also has some of the monsters with the most amount of abilities in the game.

Alpha Trio


From the introduction of the game there is the alpha dragons that have high stats for 7 mana monsters. When these were used they stood out as not many were printed and not many high mana monsters were with these kind of stats. Currently there is a little over 1,500 alpha cards of these in existence and it will only be reduced as more of them potentially will be combined. Nowadays these monsters are extremely overprice for what they can do on the field as multiple dragon monsters at other series can match in competitiveness and cost much less.

Dragon Splinter Summoners


Two of the most limited and sought after summoners are the Prince Julian and Archmage Aruis. A while back before Untamed series the Prince Julian was so good that it had to have its stats nerfed. That was how good some of the dragon summoners are. Not to be outdone there is also limited amount of Promo Neb Seni and Alpha Selenia Sky that has always been highly priced for its limited supply. No other splinter has this many limited and expensive summoners than that of dragon.

One of the opportunities that dragon splinter can be utilized by players with little money or deep pockets are the rewards summoners. Daily and season rewards can earn players either Kretch Tallevor or Daria Dragonscale. Although Daria is out of print and can no longer be earned through rewards the price of such a summoner, epic rarity, is low cost per 1 bcx than many other summoners. This makes Daria and Kretch very affordable to any player's collection. They also pack a uniqueness to them where Daria gives +1 melee attack while Kretch is a low 3 mana summoner.

Also worth to mention is that dragon splinter currently has the most legend summoners out of all splinters. A total of five legend summoners to choose from. It is deserving as dragon splinter has the most legend monsters also.

Dragon Legendary Monsters


There are currently 14 legendary monsters in the dragon splinter not including doubles such as the trio dragons that exists in both alpha and beta editions. A very versitale set of monsters to choose from just in the legendary rarity. From low mana use in Shin-Lo and Mighty Dricken up to high mana use in Robo-Dragon Knight and Diamond Dragon. Most monsters are high in mana count but their stats are well worth their weight in the legendary rarity. Even the aspect of artwork is outstanding as each resembles the mythical creature itself with wings and an attacking look on their faces.

Dragon Epic Monsters


The epic rarity dragon monsters are not many but they do stand out in battle. For instance Manticore is one of very few monsters where at 1 bcx and at a cost of 4 mana has two abilities and a respectable health stat of 6. I also remember Fire Splitter back when it was introduced as a rewards card become too great of a monster that one of its ability had to be nerfed. Also do not over look Fiendish Harpy as at higher level the monster at 2 mana also has opportunity which makes its very good in use of low mana battles.

Dragon Rare Monsters


The second most fewest monsters in the rare rarity they still have unique uses. In defensive focused matches Gloridax Soldier is a very good tanker. Serpentine and Dragonling are decent middle and rare monsters in a formation.

Dragon Common Monsters


To round out the dragon monsters are the only two common monsters. Dragon Whelp is a promotion card during the age of integrating Tron token spending to Splinterlands and there were token seeds given to early adopters. The card's value exploded due to its limited supply and likely only a few holders of the card made the card even more sought for. Dragon Whelp is likely one of the most expensive common regular cards in the game.

It is also worth to mention that only the dragon splinter offers a common rarity summoner in Delwyn Dragonscale. Delwyn similar to Dragon Whelp is a promo card during the Tron token introduction.

Dragon's Mix Use of Monsters


As mentioned earlier Dragon splinter is the only splinter that when a dragon summoner is used it is allowed to mix use with another splinter. This allows Dragon multiple more options of formations than any other splinter in the game.

So now you should know why I am very fond of the Dragon splinter. To reiterate the splinter has the most legend rarity cards in all splinters, it can be mixed with other splinters to create many different formations, it has some of the most expensive cards in the game, and it some of the most versatile and cost effective summoners in the game.

Until next time thanks for reading. See you guys and gals on the Splinterland battlefield!!!

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