Splinterlands - Naga Fire Wizard (Weekly Post)

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Naga Fire Wizard is a rewards card and I never really got to use it as much since when it comes to fire splinter to me I focus on melee monsters in combination with Malric. With that I never increased my Naga Fire much further than level 3. Although I potentially could rise its level I will not as it is currently no where near my priority list of monsters to upgrade or obtain in Splinterlands.

With that I will show you a battle I had using it and how I got wrecked for even trying to use it. Although its not entirely Naga Fire's fault for my defeat but I prefer not using it in battles unless I really needed to.

Battle Using Naga Fire Wizard


The match was limited to 50 mana and rule sets of fog of war and limit sides. I could not use neutral monsters so automatically worm was not going to get into the formation. I went with a heavy health formation in hope to outlast my opponent through handling attacks but I will regret later. In the match only dragon splinter was not allowed to be used. With 50 mana I consider it being on the upper limit so I decided to use high mana monsters and leaned toward fire splinter.


I would lead off with Molten Ogre followed by Fineas Rage, Elemental Phoenix, Naga Fire Wizard, Ettin Spearman and end with Flamesmith. I was using a mix of melee, magic, and range monsters and where my magic and range were in the middle and rare of the formation. My opponent on the other hand used water splinter and led of with Kraken, Sabre Shark, Captain Ghost, Sea Genie, Ruler of the Sea, and ending with Axemaster. In a similar approach to me my opponent used a mix of melee, magic and range monsters.

From first glance of both formations it appeared my opponent had an upper hand since their monsters were higher in level across the board. In addition the rarities of monsters favored my opponent with 2 legends and 1 epic and 1 rare versus my 1 legend and 2 rares.

Round 1

My tanker become a punching bag and not a very good one either. Within a little past the first round Ogre was knocked out and by end of the round Rage was gone too. Worse off my opponent's entire formation was intact.


Round 2

Same effects as first round but this time it was Elemental Phoenix and Naga Fire Wizard that got knocked out. My opponent entire formation still intact. Their Kraken was barely damaged, while my Naga did little to nothing in the entire match.


Round 3

You would not have to guess how this ended as my last two monsters could not hold off the entire third round and Spearman and Flamesmith both were knocked out.


The match was lope sided to the point there is no point to discuss how Naga Fire Wizard affected the match. Instead it was an outright destruction on my entire formation and there was nothing I could have done with what I had out there. Looking back not being able to use neutral monsters hinder my chances to fend of magic attacks. My choice for tanker was simply poor. Ogre had no really defense as 12 health could not withstand the frontal magic attack it faced. The three magic monsters from my opponent's side were the dominate offense while Kraken help protect the entire formation. That level 3 legend was too strong to get pass and my tank monster was just a common level 4. Brutal lose but shows people after playing this game for over a year that even today I can get wipe out losses like this. Still I will pick myself up and move ahead for future matches. Learn from this and do better in other matches.

If you are interesting in watching the battle here is a link.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

You had a nice strategy here but it's sad to see the Naga Fire Wizard RIP so soon.
Keep on battling.

There is always next match to win. !wine

True, thanks !wine