Retro Gaming Blogging Challenge Day 1: First Video Console You Owned

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Hi Hive Gaming Community!

This is my first post in the community. I have started with participating in a wonderful blogging challenge, Retro Gaming. The challenge was created thanks to @marcoquin. You can read the full content here.


My First Video Console Story

In August 1995, I bought a 8-bit Micro Genius video game console with my savings. It was a great moment when I came to home. I still remember its box, Blanka and Chun-Li fighting, Mario. What were in the box as the photo below: A console, a cartridge, a gun and two controllers.


You can guess which game I played with the gun, it's Duck Hunt. I think it was the most entertaining and famous game of those times as we were able to use an electronic gun rather than a controller for a video game.


Another game I played much was Street Fighter with five fighters. There was a rumour in my neighbourhood if you had inserted the cartridge in reverse, Street Fighter would have come up with 12 fighters. Child's mind :)


There's a lot to say about Retro Consoles and Games. I don't know if the challenge has a deadline, I hope to prepare some more posts about the other specific contents of the challenge.


The dog from Duck Hunt is a very bad dog, his laugh is so funny 😂

Yea, I liked it.

Reading this publication makes me remember the first console that I gave to my son, that game of the doggy I have seen it, I know it was about hunting, but I never had more details.

That console looks like a good Nintendo Famicom clone. I wonder if the eject button is fragile like the Famicom's after constant use...?

Right, I read that it was a clone.