The last of Us. Part Two- Hate, Revenge and Despair.

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My friend of more than ten years, commented this right after I bought my first pc which was better than his.

"To call yourself a gamer, you had to have played at least 200 games bro."

This little insecurity of his made him unimaginably mean to me for the next couple of months. But, one evening, he surprised me with a visit, we caught up to our past and just before he was going home, as a peace offering, he pulled out a box from his bag that had most of the games he had played till then and didn't need anymore. The Last of Us was among them, my entry to the world of survival adventure.

Naughty dog, hands down the best game production of our time has, again and again, delivered story-based games that are too good not to be played. I know that The Last of Us Part two is somewhat controversial. To some, it even failed to deliver but still, its one of the best TPP action-adventure survival ever to exist.

The last of part two, after six long years of wait, dropped at 19th last month. And almost immediately IGN gave it a bad rep for some of its plot points. Now, IGN right now is like IMDB for gaming and gamers seem to depend significantly on their ratings. For a platform with such extent of influence, rating a game based on a few criteria seem a bit too personal. It's like they specifically targeted Neil Druckman for not making the plot happier like Shrek. And then, they changed their rating to 10/10 and called it a masterpiece. This stirred so much controversy that made me want to not play it. Yet still I chose to play Last of Us Part two only cause of the memories that is entangled with it. And it disappointed me.

What started with a song, ended with a song


Like any other survival games, this one too depends on keeping a filled inventory, close combats, weapon upgrades and stealth. But, holy shit is this game interactive. The map is based on Seattle with a semilinear open world vibe that lets you explore specific map areas linearly as the game progresses. The TPP controls are a little wonky at times which is purely dependent on the machine you play this on. You control a total of three characters, Joel as usual, Ellie and a new character named Abby who Is IMO a complete abomination. Like she’s as buffed as Dwayne the Rock Johnson, which in reality is almost impossible due to hormonal differences in male and female body.

You get to control Joel for a brief period, a mission or two and then the whole story is divided into two storylines, each for the other two characters, Ellie and Abby.

Synopsis: The game opens with Joel confessing to Tommy about what he did when he tried to save Ellie from the fireflies. He killed doctors, probably the only one in existence who could make a cure out of Ellie's blood, her immunity. So, now they live in Jackson, an asylum for the living and breathing. On the other hand, Abby is the daughter of the surgeon Joel killed.

So to seek revenge, she came to Jackson. While running away from an infected horde, Abby is saved by Joel and Tommy, To seek help, they travel to the outpost where Abby's friends have set camp. And there, Abby betrays and shots Joel. At the same time, Ellie was having a romantic moment with her lover Dina when she gets news of Joel and Tommy being missing. So she searches for them and traces their horse tracks back to Abby's outpost only to find them captured and being tortured by Abby's group. They keep her pinned down to the ground when Abby brutally murders Joel and leaves the other two there.

A few days later, without telling anybody anything, Tommy travels to Seattle to seek revenge on Abby's group who are apparently called the WLF. Now to save Tommy and with a motif similar to that of Tommy’s, she travels to the city with Dina. And the 20 hours and so game moves on from there.

Screen Caps:













My experience:

The last of Us Part 2, like any other naughty dog game, Is visually very appealing. The water and grass textures are almost too surreal, and the game is interactive. But a few things kept bothering me so much. Like, It’s supposed to be a survival zombie game, and from this angle, the game is so underwhelming. And then, their attempt at showing how revenge stories of An eye for an eye makes the whole world bind seemed to only affect Ellie. She, in her pursuit, kills a pregnant woman and turns into this monstrous figure. She even has to kill dogs when her counterpart, Abby, who just murdered Joel is painted as this saint-like figure who saves people with different moral and beliefs and she loves dogs.

Lastly, they gave Abby seven-hour gameplay which seemed a little too forced on the player. Like, it's a character I do not like, who just killed a character of significant impact on my life and still, I have to play seven hours with her. This was such a buzzkill for me.

In their attempt at making the game too real and immersed, they slowly just floated away.

Allover, it's a game that I wouldn't have played, despite being this good if I haven't played the first part. So it ultimately boils down to the player and their mentality. But if you overlook the things I mentioned, it’s one of greatest game ever to exist. The voice acting,controls, gameplay and the VFX, is “Bellisimo” too good. so if you can overlook those simple personal issues Gamer Hate, this game is for you.

All the photos are either credited or taken from the official play station website


When you said it disappointed you I had to stop reading. The following talked about your experience and since I haven't read about it yet, I don't wanna lol. Just like it did for you, it changed your perception and already gave you a different vibe based on ratings. I enjoyed the first one and when I get the chance to play the second one, I want to start it with a neutral feeling. Although it is still tempting to read, I must resist LOL

I totally get your sentiment.. You know, not always games like the last of us comes into existance, games that impacts lives. If i was a psychiatris, and a father having difficulties with his daughter came by, i would recommend that they play the game. Yeah, it impacted me that much.

Although it is still tempting to read, I must resist LOL

No worries. I think for me, the critiques I read ruined the game a little. So keeping you pallet clean would be better i guess. :)

Oh man in the beginning when the daughter died, just killed me! I am a mother of 3 and i felt that shot to the heart. Then at the end of the journey at the hospital, he fights for her every step of the way... OMG if that's not what would have happened, being the player i would have tried to shoot "myself and probably would have quit the game... for some time anyways lol. I didn't get to play the side games yet though. I kind of forgot about them.

Yeah it killed me too :(

Ellie was the only thing that couldve filled that void in joels heart. And that is the most interesting thing about the game. How a father daugter bond forms despite being not related by blood in any way whatsoever..

So you are mother of three. Congratulations love :). Im 25 and not married yet but if i ever do so and have kids, I want 2 daughters.. They are like precious gems.. Daughters are a blessing you know :) and the last of us might have motivated the most to have such a dream ..

You totally get it, definitely why the game is so darn good.

And thank you ^_^ I have a son and 2 daughters, they are all gems and all have their special individual beings about them. At the beginning I've only wanted a son, now with having 3 kids, I wouldn't go back to change that, what an amazing life it is with them. I wish you everything you desire when you start your family, life changes immensely and for the better.


I have 9 nieces so i get the gist a little bit.. :)

I wish you everything you desire when you start your family, life changes immensely and for the better.

Amen to that :)

Naughty dogs are the real thing.. All of their games are this good.. Uncharted, too goo.. Last of us. Even better..

9 nieces! Wonderful!

Uncharted I think I played but I dont remember, time to change that!

Lol @ your friend gatekeeping for gamers. Do minigames count?

I mean probably be a gamer a few times over w WarioWare and Mario Party just saying.

I've watched a fair amount of critiques on the Last of Us 2 and, although it may be graphically impressive, they seemed to pander a little on the story and go in another direction from the gist. Not in a good way either.

I still haven't played the first one but may give it a try. They ever port it to PC?

Lol @ your friend gatekeeping for gamers. Do minigames count?

True that,XDXD. he's a big fan of super mario and zelda. So i think mini games might count lol.. Candy crush for sure ;D.

Not in a good way either.

That is you just being too kind. They derailed that train all together. I mean the game is a ok as a game. But this is nothing they promised with their teasers and all that plot wise. Ign still gave it a 10 though, after much drama they changed their rating...

They still didnt port it over to pc, at least officialy, but ive manged to get my hands on a codex port. Lol. Illeagal I know, but nothing can come between me and my gaming pleasure XDXD

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