The Unconditional Love of a Father: The Last of Us

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Love transcends everything. It's one of the most primal and illogical feelings with probably the most complex chemical and hormonal reaction a human body can have. The people we love, we love purely out of our desire, a sense of dependability, or just out of pure physical attraction. Such a nonsensical thing to have for a human compared to everything else in this whole vast universe I suppose. But everything beautiful you see or feel around you yet has something to do with it. All of the good things you ever did is somehow connected to this emotion, and we have no clue how or why. People would lay down their life without even blinking for the people they love.

Such a beautiful piece of art

The last of Us, as titled, is a Survival Horror game by definition. Yet it's one of the most beautiful portrayals of love to ever exist—a story of affection between a Father and A daughter.

I know I know it's a 7-year-old game with very little relevance until the sequel comes out. But its story is like a good wine. The older, The better.

After I bought my computer, I was having a hard time arranging money to purchase and play games. So, as always, one of my best mates comes to the rescue. Not rescue to be exact, just dumping his old games on me, at least I thought that is what he did until I played some of them. He gave me some old NFS games, Call of Duty CDs and The Last of Us. I hated zombie games then because of the mindless action and shooting with no real story material. And I'm happy I was so wrong about this one.




Our story opens with a little wooden house and a girl named Sarah. She was sleeping and woke up to her father, talking frantically on the phone. She sees her father, Joel, a bit anxious, and so to lighten up his mood, she brings out a present from under the couch as today was his birthday. This immediately lightens Joel's mood and hers too. So, after some heartwarming chit chats, she goes to sleep again. So Joel carefully takes her up to her room to lay her in her bed.

She again wakes up in the middle of the night to a phone call. It's her uncle Tommy. Now he's the one whose talking frantically, but before finishing what he wanted to say, the line disconnects. She tries to call back, but there are no bars. So she decides to find her dad instead. She searches the whole house, but he's nowhere to be found. She is slowly getting more scared now. The last place left is the living room, and while tiptoeing there, she sees her father mortified, panting and trying to close the sliding back door. He says to her that they need to leave right now, and before she could make out what was happening, their neighbor, like a feral animal, smashes through the glass door. And he immediately attacks them, but a prepared Joel shoots him down.

Tommy, the uncle, is now at the front door with his car honking repeatedly as an indication to hurry up. So, without even taking anything, they get in the car and drive away.

While driving to find a safe shelter, they now see the extent of the chaotic events that are taking place. People attacking others like feral ghouls and tearing off each other's flesh. The road at the front is now blocked, and a nervous Tommy crashes, wounding mostly Sarah. So they get out, and Joel takes Sarah in her lap while they start running. But the zombies are catching up to them.

While taking a shortcut through a house, a horde of those mindless ex humans chase and corner them. Tommy decides to hold back and let the father and daughter a chance to escape. So Joel runs towards the highway, and another horde starts chasing them. But just before Joel thought they were done, a soldier shoots the chasing zombies and kills them. But he was ordered to kill anyone on sight, and he shoots at them too. Like a hero, Tommy appears from nowhere and shoots the soldier but not before his bullets pierced through Sarah also, causing her to bleed to death.

And that's the prologue of The last of us.




Like any other good action-adventure game, The last of us use a craft to survive element. The player has to use makeshift weapons and guns. At the same time, he scours through a vast post-apocalyptic world that is now overtaken by nature. The game uses every type of melee weapon and firearms available in reality.

Various skills can, too, be upgraded using medicinal plants and pills. It has a static health system which, rather than slowly filling up by itself like the systems most new games use, needs health kits to fill up.

The levels are mostly designed for Stealth, but in some situations, you can go guns a blazing with a high risk of getting ripped apart by the zombies. And there are also puzzle elements where you have to complete tasks to finish a mission.

This game also encompasses an AI for the NPC's. Any human NPC's react to hostile behavior from the player. Like they would take cover and call for back up if Joel attacks them. Very immersive even after being a seven-year-old game.












All the screenshots are from



My experience playing The Last of US:

I never heard about Naughty Dogs before I researched them. Like I have played 3 of the Uncharted games, and I did not know The last of us, and those games are from the same developers. If I knew better, I would've played this game as soon as it came out.

My most favorite element in this game is the father-daughter bonding that was explored. Ellie is not the daughter of Joel, yet he protects her like he would've done for Sarah if she was alive. And as the game progresses, their relation takes such a beautiful shape that seems only possible with blood relations.

You could avoid most of the horror elements of this game if you decide to skip Stealth. It's possible to finish it without using Stealth, but it would take more than 30 hours.

I never found a game where Troy Baker voiced a character, and it was not a super hit game. When This game was in development, the naughty dog split into an equal team of two And started developing Uncharted 3 along. But The last of us Is much more immersive, and it took two more years then The Uncharted 3.

Compared to that time back in 2013, this game had one of the best VFX and textures compared to any other releases that year and even now. So if you are in for a 20-hour Movie where you could play as a character, then this is for you.


Recently saw the trailer of The Last of Us 2, and it was really exciting. I hope, with all my heart, a good game like this.

P. D. The Naughty Dogs studio workers are masters of game development; I know them from the Crash Bandicoot game (a classic). ;D

I played Crash Bandicoot as a minigame in uncharted 4. Yeah, they are masters of game development. The ingame stories are so soo good. Like uncharted 4 might be my most favorite game ever. I hope they make another one with brothers Nathan and Sam. Wouldnt that be nice!!

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I complete it last year on PS4, this is the first part btw was a very great one, the scenes and the graphics of the game makes it a realistic experience as well what as a music lover also i loved the guitar posters espicially this one

The story one of the best stories i play so far for sure, i was in love with action games like Prince Of Persia or God Of War... but the last of us change my mind as a game mixed between the actions factor and also the realstic touche in the graphics the second part will release in 19th of this month i don't know if the game will keep the rating of 4.7/5 increase or decrease it we will see.

It was more like a movie then it was a game. The story in-game was quite enchanting TBH. Im sure that Eillie will be a badass in the sequel like Joel was in this one