#ShowUsYourCity Contest #1 🏙️ Parks 🏞️ DCity NFT Prizes

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The first ever #ShowUsYourCity contest is all about parks. Show us your park(s) and you will be eligible to win some DCity Parks of your own.

🌁 #ShowUsYourCity 🌆

     Welcome to the Show Us Your City Contest, and that's exactly what we want to you to do, show us your city, town, or village. This contest is a mix of photography and writing, so grab your camera and get outside to show us what your city has to offer.

     This is a bi-monthly contest with DCity.io NFT Card prizes. You don't need to be a Southeast Asian citizen to participate, but your post needs to be connected to Southeast Asia in some way. Show us your city in a series of photos and tell us about the place and your experience with it, and you can win your own virtual city assets.

🏙️ Show Us Your City Contest #1 🌇

🚶 Parks 🏞️

     Whether official or unofficial, every town has a park or informal outdoor space where people can gather to eat, play, exercise, socialize, and more. Show us a nearby park or one you've traveled to in the past, and tell us a little bit about it.

     Submissions will not be judged on photography alone, as we appreciate creativity and a good story as well. Post formatting and an engaging story go a long way, so get creative ASEAN Hivers, and good luck!!


- Post must be published within the ASEAN Hive Community.
- Post links must be shared within the comments section of this post.
- First tag must be #showusyourcity and second tag #dcity.
- Post must be connected to Southeast Asia in some way.
- Mention the ASEAN Hive Community #ShowUsYourCity Contest in your post title or post body.
- 500 word minimum.
- Text, photos and/or videos must be your own original content.
- One submission per contestant.
- Deadline: Before this post reaches payout.


1st 🥇 Place

3x DCity Park Cards

2nd 🥈 Place

2x DCity Park Cards

3rd 🥉 Place

1x DCity Park Card


     @asean.hive has a sizeable delegation of NEOXAG and CCC, so consider you're the corresponding #neoxian and #creativecoin tags get the most of your @asean.hive upvote, which I will be smashing 100% for all submissions.

     As this is a contest, consider the #contests tag also, which will make your post visible on hivelist.io, and make your post eligible to earn LIST tokens. This is also a travel-related contest, so if you know the geolocation of your photos, consider using PinMapple.com to generate a code which you can place within your post to make it eligible for curation by @pinmapple.



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Hi Asian.hive! I love Asia! hahah I've spent a lot of time here. I noticed you guys upovoted my comment the other day with the engagment tokens. Thank you for that. I got curious to see what your group is all about. Very cool that you will be supporting the community with your delegations and vote trail. I don't have much vote strength to spare but I just delegated you 500HP.

I do a fun travel blog showing my adventures all over Thailand. It used to be all over the world but since covid, I've been in Thailand, which isn't too bad of a place to be. I'm thinking of changing my name to World Thailand Pro! hahah...Come by my blog sometime. I think you will like it.

Have a good day,

From Koh Phagnan,